Doosri Maa 13th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Yashoda decides to work with Randhir Sharma


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The Episode starts with Yashoda telling Babu ji that everyone takes empty bag sometimes in their life, and even I have empty bag, but I will fill it with my children’s rights and all of your love. She says I will prove that since Krishna came here, we have prosper. She says nothing will be empty. Ashok thinks that the charity bag will not be empty, and he will fill it and will be happy. Yashoda tells Amma that she will bring the kids from school and goes. Babu ji thinks of Yashoda’s words. Yashoda picks the kids from school. Nupur asks Yashoda if Papa’s office is saved. Yashoda says your Dadi and Krishna saved it with Randhir’s help. Nupur says it is good. Aastha says it is not good, we have to take help from papa’s enemy and tells that until when we will fight with our family. A sadhu is standing there and tells that there is nothing like enemy or friend and tells that it enmity and friendship happens owing to situation.

Ashok comes to beg to take alms/charity to a house. The lady asks if he is begging for the first time. She asks if you have a family. He says a sadhu has no family. The lady asks him to look at the tree and tells that she has seen many sadhus sitting there and crying for their family. She says don’t know if they returned their house or not. She says one day even her husband left to become sadhu and he didn’t return. She asks him to return to his house, else his wife will also tell your story to some sadhu like me. Yashoda tells Sadhu that her husband had left to become sadhu. Aastha and Nupur asks him to convey their message to their Papa to return, his name is Ashok Gupta. Yashoda says I don’t have money to give you, after my husband left. Ashok tells the lady that he can sit under the tree and cry, rather than returning to his house. He asks her to give the charity. The lady gives charity. Ashok leaves. Babu ji’s innerself asks him if Ashok returned. Babu ji says Ashok has to return. His innerself tells that his bahu is failing his tricks, and says now Ashok will not return. Babu ji says he is trying. His innerself says your bahu is courageous, you have to break her courage. Babu ji says you are right.

Next morning, Mahua takes the milk. Yashoda comes to take milk, but the milkman refuses to give her money, as she haven’t paid for last month. Yashoda says I will pay you in 2-4 days and asks him to give milk. The milkman refuses. Babu ji takes the bowl from Yashoda’s hand and throws it on the floor. Everyone comes there and also Krishna. Babu ji says I threw the vessel so that he comes out. He asks the milkman to say. Milkman tells the same thing to Krishna. Kamini asks him to give the milk, when they have money. Babu ji says even they lost milk with light and water. Amma says your grand daughters drink milk. Babu ji asks so what to do? The insurance agent comes and asks when you will give the premium for the girls’ insurance. Kamini says they don’t have anything and says all the money paid earlier will be gone. Yashoda tells Aastha that she will make breakfast. Aastha says it will be rotten roti and now no milk. Yashoda says I will see what to make. Aastha says we will not go to school for few days, as teacher asks for fees daily and made us stand. Mahua says light, water, milk, insurance and now fees problem.

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Bansal comes there and says there are many hungry people are here, and tells that some seth ji is giving food to everyone outside. He calls Kamini who gives them tea. Kamini asks Aastha and Nupur to go to the street and have food. She says you can’t have rotten roti without milk and ghee, atleast you can have good food on the street. Aastha says she will go there and have food. Nupur tells that she will have food made by Mummy. Aastha says I will go. Yashoda stops her. Babu ji says because of Krishna, your daughter is forced to have food on the street. Yashoda tells Aastha that she will not go. Kamini says nobody is giving you job then why you are asking some time from everyone. She tells Babu ji that one day Yashoda will make her children beg on the street. Amma shouts Kamini. Kamini says Yashoda couldn’t take care of her children and wants to take care of Sautan’s son. Yashoda says I will fight for Krishna, he is my husband’s son. Kamini says if you will fight by filling your stomach with bhandara food. Yashoda says no, I will work with Randhir Sharma. She says I will do anything for my children. Kamini smiles happily.

Manoj comes to Randhir’s office and thanks him for helping Bhabhi. Randhir says I am also her well wisher like you, and says we would be relieved if she had joined your office. Manoj says if Ashok returns then there will be no problem. Randhir says once these daily problems solves, we will search Ashok, he has to return. Yashoda comes there and hears, and tells that she has decided to work with him.

Episode ends.