Director Uttam Ahlawat Dispels Misinformation Surrounding Actor Abhishek Kumar’s Exit from “Udariyaan”


Amid swirling rumors about actor Abhishek Kumar’s departure from the popular television show “Udariyaan,” director Uttam Ahlawat steps forward to clarify and dispel the misconceptions. Addressing the speculation of Abhishek’s exit due to purported anger issues, Ahlawat vehemently refutes these claims and highlights a strong bond shared with the actor.

In a definitive statement, Director Uttam Ahlawat asserts, “Abhishek was NOT ousted from the show. He remains a dear friend, and our camaraderie extends beyond the set. His professionalism has never been a concern during shoots. His storyline concluded, and that’s the extent of it; there was no dismissal from the show.”

Ahlawat’s clarification aims to quash rumors, affirming that Abhishek Kumar’s departure was part of the planned storyline and not a consequence of any behavioral concerns. By highlighting the positive rapport and professionalism exhibited by Abhishek, the director counters the unfounded speculations surrounding his exit from “Udariyaan.”

Despite the circulating rumors, Abhishek Kumar continues to captivate audiences in the Bigg Boss 17 house, showcasing his resilience and potential. Ahlawat’s staunch support underscores Abhishek’s commitment and character, setting the record straight and reinforcing his promising trajectory in both professional commitments and reality television.

As Abhishek navigates the challenges within the Bigg Boss house, Director Uttam Ahlawat’s testimony stands as a testament to the actor’s integrity, dispelling any misconceptions generated by baseless rumors and affirming Abhishek Kumar’s ability to make a lasting impression on the reality show’s stage.

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