Dheere Dheere Se 28th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Raghav tries to help Bhawna

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Dheere Dheere Se 28th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Malini making mehendi cones with Aarushi and Aanchal. She tells that the relatives will get mehendi applied on her hands. She asks Aarushi to call her mother. Poonam comes there and says she will also get mehendi applied. Malini says ok. Bhawna comes there. Poonam says Bhawna can’t apply mehendi and says it is good that she will do the work when rests get the mehendi applied to her hands. Bhawna says she doesn’t like mehendi smell and tells that she had applied only the moon for her own wedding. She asks if painter didn’t come. Malini tells that she cancelled him. Bhanu comes there and gives the shagun stuff. Malini says it seems to be costly. Bhanu says marriage is of my son. Bhawna says she will keep it in the room. Aarushi comes out and tells that vidya refused to come. Malini says she is not doing any work and now refusing to attend the marriage. Bhanu asks Aarushi to ask Amit to meet him in room. Aarushi informs Amit. Raghav is sad thinking Bhawna scolding him for slapping Amit and ignoring his (Raghav’s) injury. Savita and Swati ask him to come out with them, but he refuse. Swati thinks it seems Bhawna doesn’t understood his emotions.

Bhanu reminds Amit that he had broken someone’s head when the boy attacked him and tells that he will do the same thing with Raghav. He tells that he is his brother and can give and take his life for him. Amit gets emotional and hugs him. Bhanu asks him to get involved in marriage arrangements and not to tell anything to anyone. Vidya tries to hear them. Amit comes out and asks Vidya to help in the arrangements.

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Aarav comes to Bhawna and tells that he came here, seeing all bad uncles going somewhere. Bhawna looks at his hand. She asks him to have laddoo which she made him. just then ribbon roll falls down, and Aarav shouts cockroach and jumps on the sweets box. All the sweets fall on the shagun clothes. Aanchal scolds Aarav. Aarav cries. He comes home and informs Raghav. Raghav gets worried. Bhawna asks Aanchal not to scold him. They sit to wash the clothes. Bhawna tells Aanchal that Abhishek will feel bad if he comes to know. Aanchal asks her to think about Tawo ji and Tayi ji. Raghav calls Bhawna and offers her help. Bhawna refuses. Aanchal tells Raghav that she will send the pics of the things to be brought. Malini comes there and asks bhawna to bring all the shagun stuff, specially Meera’s saree. Aanchal says they have packed it. Malini asks her to unpack and bring, as she needs to send photo to Nirmala. Bhawna says she will send her photo. Malini says ok. Raghav comes to the sweets shop and comes to know that all the sweets finished. He gets worried.

Precap: Raghav and Bhawna are outside. Raghav asks Bhawna if she ever sees her family’s mistake like she counted his mistake. He says you are afraid of them. Bhawna says no. He says if you are not scared then invite me for the wedding.