Dheere Dheere Se 26th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Raghav and Bhawna find Abhi and Dimple

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Dheere Dheere Se 26th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Raghav asking Shrivastavs and Shastris that they shall do what they want, but for now they have to go to search them. Bhawna promises Malini that she will bring Abhi. Raghav and Bhawna leave. Raghav says they shall go to bus stand first. Bhawna says they have gone on bike. Raghav says they can go to Dimple’s friend in Indore. Bhawna asks why did you tell them about Abhi and Dimple. Raghav says 100 guilty shall be freed, but 1 innocent person shall not punished. Bhawna says she doesn’t care about them. Raghav says he couldn’t bear if anyone says anything wrong about her. He says leave it, we shall focus on Abhi and Dimple now. Swati calls Dimple’s friends and enquire about them. She ends the call and tells that nobody knows. Abhi’s bike stops. He checks and tells that petrol is over. Dimple asks why didn’t he plan and scolds him. Raghav calls Dimple. Dimple gets shocked. Abhi says they shall run. They starts running.

Bhawna and Raghav enquire with the tea seller who confirms of seeing them. Raghav gives his number and asks him to call him. The seller says I think they have eloped. Raghav asks him to say what is asked? The tea seller tells Bhawna that her husband gets angry so soon. Raghav gives the number and they leave.

Amit enquires with Abhishek’s friends. Malini blames Bhawna.She says she thought Abhi loves Meera, but he loves Dimple and thinks Bhawna provoked him to elope. She says she will send Abhi to jail. Raghav and Bhawna find Abhi’s bike. Bhawna says where did they go? Abhi and Dimple are running. Malini still blames bhawna. Babu ji says you couldn’t handle your son and blaming Bhawna. He says she will bring Abhi back. Abhi and dimple both feel sleepy and go to different directions. Abhi realizes he missed Dimple and runs. Dimple falls down and realizes Abhi is not here. Dimple picks the call thinking it to be of Abhi, and asks where is he? Abhi comes there and asks her not to worry. He says he had enquired and the bus stand is near. They come to bus stand and enquire when bus will come. They sit on the bench. Just then Raghav and Bhawna come there. Abhi and Dimple run and go inside the temple. Raghav and Bhawna run behind them. Abhi aims gun at them. Raghav says you will kill us. Abhi nods no and keeps gun at his forehead. He says he will kill himself. Bhawna asks Dimple to make him understand. Dimple snatches the gun and aims at her forehead. Bhawna and Raghav walk towards them. Bhawna makes the gun falls down from her hand. Raghav says you wanted to kill yourself, I will kill you. He shoots at Abhi, but nothing happened. Raghav says he is not a fool that he couldn’t identify the fake gun being a lawyer. He says I will slap you. Bhawna slaps Abhi and asks where you will keep Dimple after marriage. She asks why he didn’t think what happened to her, after his Chacha went and asks if he wants to do the same with his mother. She says you are jobless and don’t have money. She asks where you will keep her. Raghav says we asked you to make plan of 3 years, but find this route. He asks Bhawna to come. Dimple says you said what you wanted, now you have to listen to us. She says Swati said that if the guy is chosen then roka will be done tomorrow. She says I don’t want to marry him. Abhi asks then what we would have done with the 3 years plan. Bhawna says we will find some solution. Dimple asks Bhawna to come with them. Abhi also asks her to come. They come near the God idols. Abhi asks Bhawna and Raghav swear on God that they will unite them.

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Precap: Bhawna calls Shekhar and says Dimple loves someone else. Brij Mohan comes to know about this and tells that he will not leave Bhawna.