Dheere Dheere Se 24th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhawna feels humiliated

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Dheere Dheere Se 24th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Bhawna ordering the coffee at the coffee shop. The employee tells the coffee names. Bhawna says just as we make at home. The employee asks will take away or have it here. The guy standing there asks her if she wants to here or to take away home. Bhawna says here. The coffee shop employee asks her to give 240 Rs. bhawna says it is written 220. The employee says it is with taxes. Bhawna opens her purse and gives her money. She takes coffee. The guy asks her to go fast. Bhawna drops the coffee on the floor in a hurry. The guy shouts at her. Raghav is about to come to her. Bhawna runs out and cries. Raghav thinks he will not wipe her tears and will not make her weak. He says you have to be strong yourself. He doesn’t come infront of her and says wipe your tears, have courage and get up. Bhawna gets up. She turns, but doesn’t see Raghav there. She leaves from there. Raghav looks on.

Savita has headache. Brij Mohan asks her not to think much else apply balm. Savita says I just want to see Raghav settled. Brij Mohan says I will talk to him, but he doesn’t agree to my sayings. Raghav tells Aanchal that they have to end this game here, as her confidence is broken. He says she was humiliated here, and says there is another problem, Bhanu Bhaiyya saw her there. Aanchal says he will smash her. Bhawna returns home. Bhanu throws flower petals on her, and calls Malini, says babu ji’s gudiya rani has come. Aanchal says Tawu ji started so Mamma came. Raghav is still on video call. Bhanu takes aarti from Malini and does Bhawna’s aarti. He says you have taken much effort and went out. Bhawna asks did I do any mistake? Bhanu drops the aarti plate. Raghav tells something to Aanchal. Bhawna thinks to tell them. Aanchal says I wanted to drink coffee, that’s why sent Mama to get it. She says Papa used to take me to café to have cold coffee, and that’s why Mamma went, as I asked her. Bhanu says your mother has so much money, she went to get coffee for her. Bhawna says it was costly, so she didn’t bring. Vidya says why did you go, didn’t the coffee shop people threw you out. Malini says she should have help us in house expenses, rather than that she wants to waste it. Abhi comes there and tells that he has brought coffee. Malini says I wanted and asks Abhi to give it to him. Aanchal tells Raghav that she wants to meet him. She goes out. Bhawna is about to go behind her, but Babu ji stops her. Bhawna says she will come and goes out. Babu ji gets tensed.

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Bhawna thinks how Bulbul came to know about the coffee, if she knows about blackmailer. Aanchal tells Raghav that they have to continue the tasks for strengthen her confidence. Bhawna comes there and sees Aanchal sitting and having tea. It shows Raghav saw Bhawna and made Aanchal sit with tea in her hand. Bhawna asks how do you know that I went to café. Aanchal tells that her friend told her when they were going to tuition. Bhawna pays the money and goes with her. Raghav thinks Aanchal was right, they shall continue the task.

He calls Bhawna and says you couldn’t complete the task, and asks if she went there for the first time, and calls her bholi bhali abla naari. He asks if she is illiterate. Bhawna asks for a chance. He asks her to go out and see what can happen with her family.

Precap: Bhawna asks Aanchal where is the previous pillow cover. Aanchal says she gave to Vidya. Bhawna runs there and takes the pillow cover. Vidya says she caught her. Malini asks what is hiding in it.