Dabangii 6th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Arya tries to convince Bela

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The Episode starts with Arya saying I will go and get Bela, she is very nice, you are bad. Ankush says you won’t go anywhere. He locks her in the room. She shouts on him. Ankush cries and thinks of Bela. Naina….plays… Arya misses Bela. Aai says I chose you for Ankush, don’t cry Bela, whatever anyone says, I don’t agree that Ankush can do anything like that. Maina says I also think so. Bela says yes, but he is hiding something. Aai says if he is saying Arya isn’t his daughter, then its right, give him a chance to clarify. Kasturi comes and says I knew it, Aai will say wrong. She asks Maina what will she do if Jaanrao does this with her. Maina worries and says if Jaanrao does this, then I would have died. Aai says come with me. Kasturi says its not my mistake. Bela cries. Baba consoles Ankush. Arya says I feel hungry, open the door. Baba opens the door. Arya runs and locks the door. Baba asks her to stop. She collides with Satya.

Satya says be careful. She argues with him. He asks did you get this for King. She says you look like a cartoon. He asks aren’t you scared of saying anything, you will get this on one condition. She says I don’t have time for it, I defeated you last time. He recalls and says its me this time. She says look there. She takes the floral tiara and runs. She hides from Ankush. Satya argues with Aai. He says Ankush had put me in jail without any reason. Kasturi says maybe Aai is in shock. She taunts Aai.

Aai gets angry. Zai and Tanmay play hide and seek. Zai gets a photo album. She sees Damini’s pic. Tanmay catches her. She asks who is she. He says I don’t know. She says we will ask mum. Ankush gets a call. Aai says Kasturi has a habit to do a drama. Satya asks how did Arya come here. Arya collides with Tanmay. Damini’s pic falls. Tanmay asks why did she come here. Arya sees Bela and runs to her. She gives the flower band to her. Bela recalls Arya’s words. Arya asks Bela to smile. She says please come home.

Kasturi calls Arya bad blood and asks her to come out. Arya asks what bad blood, I m not hurt, where is the blood. Kasturi says you are bad blood. She drags Arya. Arya asks Bela to take the flower band. Arya asks Kasturi to leave her. Kasturi says misbehaving girl. She crushes the band. Bela cries. Satya sees the pic fallen there. He goes and picks the pic. Arya runs to Satya. Kasturi catches her. She asks guards to take Arya. Baba comes and says don’t touch her, she is our house’s daughter. Satya asks Aai to see. Baba holds Arya.

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He brings Arya home. Arya says Bela is sad because of Ankush. Baba asks where are you going. Arya says nowhere, how shall I get Bela back, why is she upset with me, Ankush fought with her. Baba thinks this is happening because of Satya, Ankush lied to save her. Bela says I know its not her mistake, I recall Ankush’s cheat when I see her face. Satya says Ankush is my brother, he is sincere, mistake happens sometimes, think that he made a mistake at a weak time, forgive him. Kasturi says its about her self esteem. Aai asks who is talking of self esteem. Kasturi says Bela has run her house in poverty, what did she get in return. Zai sees Damini’s pic and says I forgot to ask about her. Aai consoles Bela. Zai comes and sees Bela crying. She thinks to ask later. She keeps the pic in her pocket. She hugs Bela. Satya and Kasturi smile. Satya thinks I will get Baba here, Ankush will stay alone, like I was alone in the jail for 8 years. Ankush washes his clothes. He sees Arya. Satya asks the kids to come and play. Tanmay says there is much sunlight. Satya looks at him. Tanmay says we need vitamin D, we will play. Ankush sees Zai.

Satya plays with them. Ankush gets sad. Satya says your birthday got spoiled yesterday, don’t get sad, I will get a new gift, what do you want. Zai says doll house. Ankush hears this. He remembers Zai asking him to buy a doll house. He says I got a pencil box for you, its special, I will get the doll house when you turn 10 years old. Zai says I want a big doll house. Satya says fine, I will get the biggest one for you. Zai thanks him. Baba asks Arya what are you doing. Ankush asks what’s happening. Arya says I have to see how my blood is bad, Kasturi said my blood is bad. Ankush gets angry.

The reporters come and ask Arya about her dad. They ask Ankush is Arya his daughter, is she legitimate and illegitimate. Ankush says she isn’t illegitimate, she is the daughter of this family. Bela and everyone look on.