Dabangii 27th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Ankush finds Arya

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Dabangii 27th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Ankush rushing to find Arya. Kasturi consoles Tanmay. Satya is on the way. Satya and Chandrao/Jaanrao have a talk. Arya prays to meet her dad. Jaanrao hears some sound and asks did you hear something. She hides. He looks behind. Satya says you have an illusion. Arya finds an apple and eats it. Ankush follows Satya’s car. Satya reaches the place. He asks Jaanrao to get the stuff from behind. Arya gets down the dickey. Jaanrao goes to see. She hides under the car. Satya asks did you eat the fruits. Jaanrao says no. Satya says these fruits and sweets were for high command. He scolds Jaanrao. He goes. Jaanrao says who did this. He sees Ankush.

He asks what are you doing here. Ankush says you are coming here from school. Jaanrao says yes, Satya, me and driver have come, some rat had spoiled the food. Ankush thinks Arya might have done this and left for the temple. He leaves. Arya recalls Damini’s words. Satya speaks to the lady. She says we can’t give you party ticket. Satya starts lying to her. He says my younger brother did this, he kept me in jail for 8 years, without any proof, you think I have no power to get free, but fine, I support the truth, will I cage the kids. She says Ankush’s record is clean, and your record is black, party promotes a clean image candidate, we women can’t clean men’s dirt for long and why should we do it, there is a way to appear clean, prove Ankush more evil than you, then no one will believe him. Satya says if I do this then… Patil says then you will get election ticket. She laughs. Satya thinks to handle Ankush and check his past.

Arya asks where shall I go. She goes to an auto driver. She asks him to take her to temple. She says I can give you one apple and give the other one to Bappa as chadava. He refuses. She disturbs his sleep. She asks him to take her. He says you are stubborn but very lovely, sit. He takes her to the temple.

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Ankush comes to the temple and prays for Arya. Arya comes there and thanks the driver. She gives him an apple. He says keep this as chadava from my side. Ankush sees her and thinks to win her trust first, else she will run away. Bela gets tiffin for Ankush. Constable says he didn’t come today. She thinks where did he go. She asks is there a big case, he is worried. Constable says I don’t know.

She says he might be busy in some case. Arya prays and talks to Bappa. Ankush goes to her and says I need to talk to you. She tries to run. He says listen to me first. She asks him to take Modak first. She runs. He says your dad has sent me. She stops. He thinks dad should call me on time. She says I don’t believe you. He says fine, I will go. She says wait, why didn’t he come. He says he has to complete a mission.

He gets a call. He says yes Sir, I met Arya, talk to her. Arya smiles and takes the phone. Baba talks to her. She asks why didn’t you come. Baba lies to her. He says Ankush is my friend, don’t run away from him, be with him. She says I don’t like him. He says yes, bitter things are beneficial, he will protect you. She asks when will I meet you, you saved me from goons and left, Aai also left me. He says don’t trouble Ankush, be with him. She says fine. She gives the phone to Ankush. Ankush says she agreed, idea worked, I will get her home, Satya will never know her truth.

Ankush gets Arya home. Bela asks who is this girl. Zai says she had cut Tanmay’s nose. Satya comes home. Arya teases him.