Dabangii 20th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Ankush saves Arya from the goons

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Dabangii 20th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with the goons talking to Arya and fooling her about her mum. They ask her to come along. Bela asks how is Satya getting married, is Damini fine, is there any news. Ankush says I want to talk to you, I want some money, that we saved for Zai’s camp. She says she will get upset. He says I will get her enrolled in dance class next year, I need money, I will handle Zai. She nods and gives the money to him. He says thanks, I will explain Zai. He goes. She worries thinking why does he need money. He goes to talk to Zai. He apologizes. She says my dress won’t come back. He says I swear, I will get a better dress. She asks really, pinky promise. He promises. They smile. Bela smiles seeing them. Baba runs to Ankush. Ankush asks where is Arya. Baba says I was calling you since long, Arya has run away. Ankush asks what. Baba says I took her to have icecream, I told you, we will get her home. Ankush says calm down, I will go and find Arya. He goes. Baba prays for Arya. Goons ask Arya to come, Damini is inside, she is sleeping. Arya thinks why is the place locked. She says call Damini outside, I won’t go inside.

Kasturi asks everyone to do the work quickly. Maina says I will see all the work. Kasturi says no, you go and get ready. Maina goes. Kasturi says she will increase the work. Maina asks Aai which necklace to wear. Aai says big one. She sees Tanmay practicing dance. She taunts him. She says amazing, dance. He thanks her and dances. She sees Kasturi coming. Kasturi dances with Tanmay. Aai says at least become a good mother and teach him. Kasturi and Aai argue. Arya asks why is it locked if Aai is inside. He says maybe she went somewhere. She says you said she is sleeping and now you are saying she went outside. The goon says you are questioning, don’t you trust me. She runs. He asks her to stop.

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Ankush gets Arya’s red ribbon on the road. He calls her out. She hides and sits crying. The goons ask her not to play hide and seek, her mum is waiting. She prays to Bappa. She gets an idea. She hits stones at the goons. Dabangi…plays… She runs and goes inside some place. She says there is no way to go out. The goons lock her inside. She says open the door, my dad is a police officer, if he knows your deed, he will beat you. Goons laugh. Ankush comes there. She says my dad has come, he will beat you now. Ankush asks the goons about Arya.

Goon says Satya won’t leave you. Ankush breaks his hand and scolds him. The door gets open. She sees the goon aiming at Ankush. She hits the stone at the goon. Ankush catches the goon. The other goon hits a rod at Ankush. Arya comes and says dad… She gets hurt by the rod. She faints. Ankush lifts her. The goons try to run. The police comes and arrests them. Ankush takes her to the hospital. Doctor says she is fine, it was a minor injury. Ankush says thanks. He thinks Satya, your goons have done this, you have to answer me. Satya meets the minister. Chandrao asks the minister to give MLA ticket to Satya. Minister says Satya will fight MLA elections from our party. Goons come and ask Satya to save them. Ankush walks in. Satya looks on. Ankush says Satya exploits girls, he kidnaps them and sells them. Minister looks on. Satya asks who are these people, I don’t know them, did you pay them to speak against you. Goon says save me, I don’t want to go to jail. Ankush shows the pic in the goon’s phone. He says I might be lying, but this pic…

Ankush says politics have power, but not more than law, see what law does. Arya says don’t leave me here, Kaka, take me along. Ankush leaves. Aai says maybe Damini lied to us, maybe your child is alive. Satya is shocked.