Dabangii 17th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Satya decides to marry Kasturi

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The Episode starts with Arya waking up and seeing Baba. She hugs him and says my mum is missing, will you find her for my sake, please. He cries. She says you help me in finding my mum, I will help you in finding your mum, come. Ankush comes. Arya says he is a bad friend of my dad, we should go and find my mum. Baba agrees. Aai tastes the food and coughs. Kasturi taunts her and gives her water. She meets Bela. Aai thinks why did she call Bela here. Satya comes and tells about Kasturi and his romantic marriage in jail. Aai says its not called a marriage. Kasturi says we should make the marriage official, I m Satya’s only wife, we should marry again and call the registrar. Satya says it doesn’t matter now, everyone knows you are my wife. She says its Bela’s suggestion, Aai will get peace if we get married, Aai says Tanmay is illegitimate. Satya asks Bela does she think the same. Baba and Ankush talk about Arya. Ankush says Satya can do anything, he killed his wife. Bela says yes, marriage is a good thing. Satya says fine, tell me, when do you want to marry. Kasturi says tomorrow on our marriage anniversary, we will keep a small function and call the registrar. Satya asks Chandrao for his appointments. Chandrao says there is nothing imp tomorrow. Satya says I m going to get MLA ticket tomorrow, we will get married. He kisses Kasturi’s hand. She smiles. Ankush says we have to manage tonight, stay here, I will go home and arrange money, we will take her to ashram. Baba says she isn’t an orphan to go to an orphanage. Ankush says we have no option. Arya hears this and worries. Baba asks her to come and have icecream. She agrees to have it. They sit and eat the icecream. She coughs. He says I will get water for you. He goes. She runs to find Damini. He looks for her. Ankush comes home and hears about Satya’s marriage. He gets angry and asks Bela and Zai to not accept anything from Satya. Zai cries. Bela consoles her.

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Baba calls Ankush. Ankush leaves his phone at home. He goes to Satya to return the things. He throws the things and burns it. Satya looks on. Satya says its okay, its shagun items, we will buy it again, you have a problem with me, you fight with me, don’t burn their happiness, I forgive you, you are my younger brother. He prays that Ankush gets sense. He taunts Aai about Ankush. Aai cries. Maina asks how long will this go on, will they always fight. The goons see Arya and say we can get a good price for her in the market, shall we kidnap her, nothing will happen with us, we are Satya’s men. Ankush tries to console Zai. He goes to his room. Bela asks why do you fight in front of kids, kids get affected, Zai has seen this today, you are her hero. She explains him. She asks what happened, since Satya came out of jail, this started. He says its all Satya’s conspiracy, you won’t understand. She says you explain me. He recalls Damini’s words. He thinks I can’t tell anything to Bela until I decide about Arya, what shall I do, I don’t understand anything.

Precap: Baba says Arya has run away. The goons catch Arya. She runs. Ankush gets her hair ribbon. She hides in some godown. The goons lock her. She shouts for help.