Dabangii 13th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Satya shoots Damini

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Dabangii 13th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Damini worrying and recalling Satya’s words. Kasturi says I m fasting today. She acts dizzy. Aai asks will a dancer do aarti with you. Satya says she is my wife, this isn’t the time to talk all this. He asks Kasturi to come for aarti. Aai gets angry. Kasturi comes ahead and does aarti with Satya. Damini and Arya are on the way. Arya says Bappa’s visarjan is happening, I will just do a darshan and come. Damini stops her and says come with me. Arya says I will just come. She doesn’t listen and runs to Bappa idol.

Damini thinks I know you want to pray to get your dad, but we are running away from him, everyone will be over if he reaches us. Damini runs after Arya. Damini shouts Arya. Ankush and his team also come there. Damini asks where are you, Arya. Satya does the maha aarti in the event. Ankush sees Satya on the stage. He sees Damini and thinks how did she come here, Satya is also here.

He runs to her. Damini shouts Arya. Satya turns to see. Arya prays to Ganpati. Damini looks for her. Arya smiles. Damini gets tired. Ankush looks for Damini in the crowd. Damini sees Arya and smiles. She gets shocked seeing Satya coming. Arya signs Damini to come. Satya smiles seeing Damini. Damini gets angry. She thinks nothing will happen to my daughter.

She smiles seeing Arya dancing. She cries emotionally and dances. Satya looks on smiling. Arya lies down on the ground and prays. Damini prays to Bappa to protect Arya. Satya signs very good to Damini. He dances in front of her.

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She gets angry and pushes him. She runs. He smiles. Satya and his men catch her. He holds her face. She stops him. He asks where were you till now, I looked for you, you might be tired, now take rest. He pulls her close. Ankush thinks where are you, Damini. Satya asks where is my son. Arya prays that she meets her dad. Damini recalls Arya. She says he is dead. Satya asks what. She says he died. He is shocked. He recalls Aai’s words.

He shoots Damini. Damini gets fainting. Satya holds her in arms. She cries. She falls down. Satya and his men leave. Ankush runs to find Damini. He comes there and sees her. He shouts and runs to her. He gets shocked.

Arya runs to find Damini. She asks where are you. Damini’s dead body is taken in the ambulance. Arya cries for her. Satya says I have killed Damini. Aai is shocked. Kasturi smiles. Satya says Damini said she killed my child.