Dabangii 11th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Ankush confronts Satya

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The Episode starts with Bela scolding Ankush. Ankush thinks I can’t spoil the situation by refusing to her. Satya says you will be called a policeman, people will salute you, else I will pay them to salute you, accept the offer. Ankush says Bela, we won’t talk about this further. Satya says come with me, why do you have this ego, you will lose job and Bela also. Ankush says fine Bela, I will take this job. Bela goes. Satya taunts Ankush and says I hope God saves that girl from me. Ankush says don’t take her name, else you won’t be alive. Satya smiles and says okay. He leaves. Ankush gets sad. Arya argues with Satya. He jokes on her. She says you come to trouble Ankush. Satya says I will get everyone to my home. He goes. Arya thinks what does he want, I don’t understand, I wish he doesn’t get what he wants. Baba asks how did you agree to work for Satya. Ankush says Satya wants to defeat me and my uniform, I can’t let this happen, I will do this work and fight him, I will never lose. Arya comes and says I m feeling sleepy, I will go. She goes and recalls Zai and Tanmay’s words. She thinks to find the ring. She leaves. Tanmay says it will be fun now. Zai says yes. Ankush recalls Satya’s words. He goes to see Arya. He doesn’t see her and shouts Arya. Baba comes and asks what happened. Ankush says Arya is threatened by Satya. He goes to ask Satya. Arya sees the danger sign and laughs. She makes some hair on the skeleton and laughs. Bela says the one who are finding isn’t here. Arya jumps inside the park. The dogs come barking. Satya asks what happened. Ankush asks where is Arya, tell me. Satya says you are going mad, I don’t know about her. Ankush catches his neck. Tanmay thinks we can’t tell him about Arya. Arya shouts on the dogs.

Ankush asks where is the girl. Arya argues with the dogs. Satya says truth always wins. Ankush says tell me where is Arya. Arya says I m not scared of you, there were many big dogs in my village. She scolds the dogs.

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She says I have something for you. She feeds biscuits to the dogs. She looks for Bela’s ring. She finds the ring. She thanks the dogs. She says I will get biscuits for you tomorrow. Ankush asks where is Arya. Satya says you ask police to find her. Ankush shouts for Arya. Arya hears him and goes to him.

He asks where were you. She says I learnt that Bela is upset with you because you lost this ring, so I went to the park to find it. Ankush asks what. Maina says its dangerous, there are many dogs. Arya says they are my friends, I gave them biscuits and they have found the ring for me. Maina asks were you not scared. Arya says no, Tanmay is a coward. She gives the ring to Bela. She asks her to take it and come home. Ankush asks who told you about this. Arya says Tanmay and Zai were talking secret things, but I m smart, I heard them. Tanmay says don’t say anything. Ankush asks Tanmay what is Arya saying. Tanmay says we didn’t do anything, she always blames us, like you blame dad. Arya says you lie a lot. Bela says stay away from them, keep the ring, this ring isn’t mine, stay away. She hugs Zai. Ankush asks Zai to come. He says you won’t lie to me, tell me the truth, what secret were you talking about. Zai says no, we were sleeping. Bela says don’t drag her in your matter. She asks Zai. Zai lies. Bela takes her. Arya asks Bela to please come. Satya asks Ankush to go and sleep, come to duty from tomorrow.

Arya laughs on Tanmay and jokes on his baldness. Tanmay imagines his bald head and gets scared. Arya thinks to teach him a lesson.