Choti Sarrdaarni fame Mahir Pandhi on taking up Vanshaj; says, “I have always been drawn to complex characters”

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Choti Sarrdaarni fame Mahir Pandhi on taking up Vanshaj; says, “I have always been drawn to complex characters”

Mahir Pandhi, who rose to fame with his role as Rajveer in Choti Sarrdaarni has been roped in to essay the character of Digvijay (DJ) in Vanshaj. The actor talked about it in a recent interview and opened up about his character in the show.

Talking about what inspired him to take the role of Digvijay (DJ) in Vanshaj, he shared, “I have always been drawn to complex characters that offer a challenge and an opportunity to explore new facets of myself as an actor. Digvijay’s overbearing and self-centered personality may seem unlikable on the surface, but as I delved deeper into his psyche, I found myself empathizing with his motivations and struggles. Playing DJ in Vanshaj has been a thrilling and fulfilling experience, and I am grateful for the opportunity to bring this flawed but fascinating character to life.”

He added, “DJ is a character who thrives on power and dominance, using his wealth and influence to control those around him. As an actor, it was vital for me to find the humanity in this complex character. I approached the task of bringing DJ to life on screen by exploring his vulnerabilities and insecurities and understanding the deep-seated traumas that have shaped his personality. By delving into the nuances of my character DJ, I was able to portray DJ in a way that is both compelling and complex, and I hope that viewers will be able to see beyond his exterior to the inner turmoil that drives him.”

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When asked about his opinion on such a strong and relevant subject of ability vs inheritance, Mahir replied, “The debate between ability and inheritance is a complex and multifaceted one that cannot be reduced to a simple binary. While innate talent and hard work are certainly important factors in determining success, it is also crucial to acknowledge the role that societal and environmental factors can play in shaping an individual’s opportunities and outcomes. Therefore, it is essential to recognize that success is not solely determined by innate abilities or hard work. Instead, it is shaped by a complex interplay of multiple factors, including one’s environment, social and cultural factors, and access to opportunities. By recognizing these complexities, we can have a more nuanced understanding of success and work towards creating a more equitable society that provides equal opportunities for all individuals to reach their full potential.”