Chashni 28th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Sanjot gets arrested

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The Episode starts with Chandni scaring Sanjot. Sanjot confesses her crimes and apologizes. She says I had killed Chitra, and I wanted to kill Roshni also, please forgive me. Sumer comes and says enough. Sanjot runs to Sumer. She says it means it was your plan to make me confess. Chandni says perfect, you are smart, we recorded your confession. Sanjot raises hand. Sumer asks her to stop the drama. She asks him to stop Chandni. He shouts enough, I have heard everything.

Sanjot argues with Sumer. She says you didn’t let me handle the business, why didn’t I get my rights. He says you didn’t tell me you wanted all this. She says I didn’t want to ask for it. He asks was it right to kill Chitra and make me away from my wife and kids, I can never forgive you for this, I hate you. She says hate me, I don’t care, I had to run my house and business my way. Raunaq and Roshni come. He says you wanted to run everyone according to you, you killed my mum, police will come and you will be in jail, your game ends here. Its morning, Sanjot gets arrested. Sumer scolds her. Chandni comes to Nisha. Nisha says I don’t feel happy, mom got punished for her crimes. Chandni says I can understand, she is your mom, you love her a lot, you have to stay strong, time is the best medicine.

Nisha says I want to go to Armaan and spend some time with him, inform Sumer about it. Chandni nods and hugs her. She packs her bags. Raunaq asks where are you going. Chandni says Sanjot got punished, I have to leave now, I free you from this relation now. He says you have told it so easily, I won’t stop you, I don’t hate you, I like you. Chandni says relations don’t stay on likeness, you can’t stop me today, I m sorry. Badle tere mahi…plays… He says I love you Chandni. Chandni cries happily and hugs him.

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Sumer and everyone pray. He gives the prasad to the family members. He says we will have a celebration for Nisha’s birthday, I have a small request, I want you to take a happy family pic. Raunaq says I will make the birthday cake, Nisha will be our personal photographer. Everyone surprises Nisha and wishes her. Nisha sees the lovely cake.

Nisha cuts the cake and feeds them. He says I m with my family, I m happy. Sumer sings Jeevan ke din… Everyone smiles. Raunaq sings Har pal tere saath…. Mere liye tum kaafi ho… They all hug. Everyone sings Love you zindagi… Chashni…plays…

The show ends on a happy note