Chand Jalne Laga 30th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Deva saves Tara and Vanraj

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Chand Jalne Laga 30th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Tara coming to Vanraj and stands with him. Soni plays the shank. Sartaj asks everyone to come for aarti. Soni lights the diya and starts doing aarti. She looks at the open wires. Deva and Farwari sit in their car. Raunaq closes the car door. Sartaj does the aarti, followed by Ananya. Soni signs Sartaj to send Vanraj and Tara to do the aarti. Vanraj takes the aarti plate in his hand and starts doing the aarti. Soni switches on the switch to burn Vanraj. The open wire sparks and the cloth catches the fire. Vanraj’s clothes catch fire too. Tara runs to him and tries to set off the fire. Ananya asks Sartaj to do something, but he is silently standing. The people/guests panic seeing the fire and runs out. Deva and Farwari are leaving in the car and see the people running out of the house. Soni and Sartaj see Deva coming back. Sartaj tries to stop him from going to Vanraj and Tara. Deva jumps inside the fire and saves Vanraj. He takes him to side to safety. Soni asks Sartaj to act as saving them, else they will be caught. Sartaj says someone save Tara. Deva comes to Tara and covers her with shawl, and hugs her. He asks if she is fine. Tara nods her head. Sartaj and Raunaq take Vanraj to sofa. Raunaq says his condition is not fine. Deva says he shall be taken to hospital. Sartaj and Raunaq take him to hospital. Soni messages Sartaj that Vanraj shall not be alive. Soni sends Ananya from there and tries to press Tara’s neck, when Deva comes there and Soni stops. Ananya says we have to take her to hospital. Soni hides the keys. Deva tells Tara that he will not let anything happen to her, lifts her and starts running on the road. He tells Tara that he will not let anything happen to her. Tara opens her eyes and looks at him. She then closes her eyes. Badshah neighs. Vasant kaka asks Badshah to calm down and thinks it seems to convey some message to me.

He runs behind the cars to stop them. Naina song plays….He folds his hands and asks the passerby cars to give them lift. Tara takes heavy breaths. Deva asks Tara to keep her eyes open and says we will go to hospital. He puts her on the cart, pushes it and walking. Tara says Mr. Malik. Deva says I am here only. The cart falls down, as it collides with the big stone. He lifts Tara and sees temple truck/tempo whom he issue funds. The driver identifies him and asks him to sit. Deva takes tara in the truck. He rushes Tara to hospital and says nothing will happen to you. Doctor asks him to stand outside and says you can’t come inside. They begin the treatment. Chand jalne laga plays…..Raunaq and Sartaj are already there. Farwari is also there. Ananya comes there. Soni signs Sartaj to go to side. She asks Sartaj, why did she bring him to this Amrit hospital. Sartaj says I didn’t bring him here, but Raunaq did. He says Vanraj is serious. Soni smiles. Deva asks Nurse about Tara. Nurse says we are trying and asks him to sit. Deva says if you people can’t treat her then call some good doctor, don’t worry about money. Nurse asks him to have some patience. Deva says he doesn’t have any patience. Farwari comes to him. Deva is teary eyed and looks at Tara from the window pane.

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Doctor comes out and asks Raunaq to get the medicines and injections for Vanraj Sehgal. Raunaq says we are arranging. Deva asks about Tara Sehgal. Doctor says she has inhaled toxic gas, and tells that next 24 hours are critical for her, and tells that her lungs might collapse. She asks them to pray. Ananya hugs Raunaq and cries. Deva tells Ananya that nothing will happen to her sister as she is a fighter. He says Tara will fight till her last breath, and I am here, I will not let anything happen to her. Soni and Sartaj look at each other.

Precap: Deva promises Ananya that he will not let anything happen to Tara. He says she is a fighter and will be fine. He goes to temple and asks God to make Tara fine. He does tandav. Tara is critical.