Chand Jalne Laga 25th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Tara tries to find about Deva’s family

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Chand Jalne Laga 25th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Basant kaka bringing the photo frames to Tara and asks why you got it. Tara asks him to bless him so that she can do what she wants. Deva calls Basant kaka and asks him to give water. Tara tells Deva that her family has broken relation with her, but the relation will be over only after the death. He says it is a wonder that you have understood what I am thinking. She asks if you remember who was your family in your childhood? Deva says you was my family, but since you betrayed me, my trust is gone from every relation. Farwari comes there and brings the tailor with her. She says she didn’t attend his marriage so want to celebrate it in the party. Deva says no party will happen, and asks the tailor to leave. Tara hugs him and starts taking his measurements with her hands. She asks Tailor to make nice suit for him. Deva says how you will take me to the party and goes. Tara recalls about seeing Karla eye clinic, and tells Farwari that she will be back.

Thakurain is in the eye clinic, when Tara comes there and shows Deva’s childhood pic and present pic. Thakurain asks what is this joke and shouts calling security. Doctor and Security guards come there. They ask Tara to leave. Tara confronts Thakurain and asks why you have sent eunuch to my house, to find out about him. She says I heard you talking to her and asks her to say who is his family and says he is in pain and needs his family. Thakurain calls Sanmukhi and tells about Tara. Sanmukhi says she will handle her. Thakurain tells that she can’t let that bad blood comes infront of her. She thinks to stop her family from coming there and says the mistake done by someone many years ago, will be buried forever.

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Deva shouts calling Basant kaka. Tara comes there. He gets surprised seeing her look. She gives him suit. Deva asks for his gym clothes. Tara says it was dirty and went for cleaning. He says I will go to gym. He challenges her to bring him to the party and says he will go to gym anyhow even if he has to go wearing this suit. Farwari asks Tara about Deva. Deva says he was getting angry and refuses to attend the party.

Farwari asks about her family. Tara says they didn’t reply. Just then Sartaj, Sonu and Ananya come there. Tara gets happy to see them. Soni says we can’t do like that, and tells that we have to get Ananya marriage done and that’s why we can’t break relations. Tara thanks them for coming. Soni says Arjun went back and asks if he informed you. Tara looks on and hugs Ananya. Deva comes there and taunts them. Soni says we couldn’t say anything when you got married. Deva says I didn’t invite you. He says our status don’t match, my status and yours…Sartaj gets angry, but Soni says he is joking. He asks where is he going? Deva says he is going to gym and asks them to enjoy the party, and have food before going, says my wife makes tasty food. Soni asks Tara, you went against us and married him, he couldn’t stand with you for a day and asks how you will stand by you all life and laughs. Tara comes to Deva and handcuffs him with her hand. Deva asks what is this misbehavior? He asks for the keys. Tara says you will not get it.

Episode ends.