Chand Jalne Laga 22nd December 2023 Written Episode Update

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Chand Jalne Laga 22nd December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Farvari tries to convince Malik. He says that he has an important meeting to attend. Vasanth Kalla says to him that he has to attend the family function first. Tara is doing her first rasoi. He has to attend it. Malik says that he didn’t married her to do this all. She will leave the house once she was fed up. They hears a blasting sound. Farvari says that Tara is in the kitchen. Malik rushes to check her. He calls Tara. Tara says that it’s her first rasoi. She asks him to help her. Malik says that she wants to cook. Why should he help her? Doesn’t she know to cook? Tara denied it. He asks her doesn’t she brought food for him on that day? If she lied to him on that day? Tara makes faces. Farvari says that guest are here. Malik notices few children are there. Farvari says that she thought to give her first rasoi food to the orphanage children. Malik smiles hearing it. Tara asks Farvari to send them back. Tell them there is no food today. Malik asks her how could she send them back in empty stomach. He assures her that he will help her to cook.

Malik helps Tara to cook there. Tara admires him. She thinks that she lied to him that she don’t know to cook. She is aware that Deva won’t send the children back in an empty stomach. Later, Malik serves food to the children. Malik hears Farvari appreciating Tara for finished her rasoi. Meanwhile, Tara says to Malik that her rasoi completed well. Malik says that one more rasam is remains. Their first night didn’t take place yet. He wasn’t in a good mood yesterday. He asks her to get ready for their first night. He will make sure that she won’t forget this night. He smirks at her and leaves. Tara feels nervous. Later, Malik searching for Tara. He says that she may be busy in the kitchen. He says that it seems she wants him to find her. Meanwhile, Tara hiding in the tree. Malik coughs seeing her. She thinks what’s he doing there? He helped her to complete her rasam. But she isn’t completing his rasam.

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Malik asks Tara what’s she doing? Tara tells him that she is setting this bird nest. That bird already has a family. He asks her to concentrate on her family. She has to take care of her husband now. Tara asks him to leave. She will come late. Malik says that Vasant Kakka will take care of it. He makes her fall. He carried her in his arms. He says that she is his wife. She has to finish the rasam. Both shared an eye lock. Malik takes Tara to their room. Tara says to him that nothing going to happen as he think. Malik says that she misunderstood. If she thinking that he will spend a night with her. Flowers not written on her destiny but thorn. Malik says that he is aware she lied to him and completed her rasam. She can’t fool him at all. He won’t change. Malik asks her to leave from here. He can’t forget her lies. Tara runs from there. He removes the thorn from the bed.

Tara thinks why is it happening with her always? She is giving pain to Deva often. She lied for him. She doesn’t know how to change him. Meanwhile, a transgender calls Tara and tells her that she found out Shanmukhi. She asks her to meet her in a ground. Meanwhile, Thakurani is doing a pooja. She noticed Shanmukhi there. She takes her blessing. Thakurani says to her that they tried to get rid of him. But this dirty blood coming back to their life. Tara recognises Shanmukhi. She listened to their conversation. She is determined to find the truth.

Precap: Tara sees the women and says who are they and how are they related to Deva. Tara walks to them but slips and the women see her.