Chand Jalne Laga 1st December 2023 Written Episode Update: Deva’s tandav saves Tara’s life

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Chand Jalne Laga 1st December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Deva telling Ananya that nothing will happen to her sister, she is a fighter and will fight till her last breath and I will not let anything happen to her. Raunaq gets money lender’s call, and he shouts at him saying he said he will give, so will give. Farwari goes to him and sees him crying. Raunaq says I had lost my mother, and then Papa’s condition worsened. He says Tara has kept everyone united and taken care of them. And says if anything happens to her? Farwari hugs him to pacify him.

Deva tells Tara that he will not let her do this again with him, and asks her to get up and talk to him. He says he needs to talk to her, and has many complains with her, which she shall listen. He asks her to get up and says she is his support and if she is not with him then he will drown. He says please get up.

Tara starts taking heavy breaths. He shouts calling Doctor. Doctor comes there and asks him to go out. Deva goes out. Naina song plays…..He hears the temple bell and recalls Doctor’s words that in such cases, prayers work more than medicines. He comes to Mahadev’s temple. Har har shambhu plays…..He rings the temple bell and asks what you are looking at? He asks if you are seeing, if I get weak after seeing Tara hurt? He says I will not let you do anything to Tara. He says you don’t understand my enmity, and says if I have enmity with her then I have immense love for her also. He says he has first right on her haveli, life, smile and everything and says I will not let you take her life. He says I will not let you snatch Tara from me. He folds his hand and says don’t let anything happen to Tara. He says we both are stubborn and lets see who wins.

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He starts doing the Tandav to please the God and save Tara’s life. He falls down. Tara gains consciousness. Deva thinks you are not bhole and understands everything. He thanks mahadev and runs away from there holding the prasad.

Deva is running on the road to come there. Ananya asks Tara if she is fine? Soni comes there and says if anything had happened then what I would have replied to Vanraj bhai saheb and your mother. Tara asks about Vanraj. Ananya says he is fine, but in ICU. She says he needs an injection and medicine which Raunaq bhai is trying to arrange. Raunaq signs yes. Tara says I will meet baba and takes off the needle from her hand. Deva says I will not let anything happen to you, your Deva will not let anything happen to you. Tara asks Farwari about Mr. Malik. She comes to Vanraj and says I need you Papa. Some men come there in the cars. Deva comes to the hospital, but is stopped by the guards. The guard tells that nobody can get inside without Mr. Thakur’s permission. Deva introduces himself, but Mr. Thakur’s guard asks for his ID proof and then refuses to let him get inside. Deva asks who is Mr. Thakur. Mr. Thakur gets down the chopper.

Precap: Tara walks towards Deva. Mr. Thakur comes there and calls Tara. Tara goes to him.