Bigg Boss OTT 2: Palak Purswani opens up about her relationship with ex-fiancé Avinash Sachdev; says, “I will not go back to that guy”

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Bigg Boss OTT 2: Palak Purswani opens up about her relationship with ex-fiancé Avinash Sachdev; says, “I will not go back to that guy”

Bigg Boss OTT season 2 contestant and actress Palak Purswani’s brief stay inside the reality show sparked intense discussions due to her strong opinions and the presence of her ex-fiancé, Avinash Sachdev, in the house. Following her exit from the BB OTT house, Palak talked about it in an interview, shedding light on her relationship with Avinash and clarifying that she will not reconcile with him. She criticized Avinash for failing to acknowledge his infidelity and instead offered excuses on the show, claiming he fell out of love. Palak directly questioned Avinash about his involvement in cheating.

When asked about her apparent attempt to mend things with Avinash during her journey on the show, Palak firmly denied any intentions of reconciliation. She stated, “I cannot deny the fact that I’ve spent some years with Avinash. We had both good and bad days. The way I shared the story of our love life and how we met, I went with the flow. However, that doesn’t change the fact that I will not go back to that guy, considering the toxic past we had. Based on my experiences and the phase I have emerged from, there is no way we can reconcile.”

Palak expressed her desire to return to the show and confront Avinash regarding certain revelations she learned after leaving. She explained, “There are a few things I discovered after my exit that I would definitely like to respond to. Avinash mentioned that he was out of love, implying that it shouldn’t matter what he did. The conversation ended there. What does that mean… when you said you were ‘out of love’? Are you implying that there was no infidelity involved? Are you claiming you were loyal to me? I need to reenter the game to answer these questions.”

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The actress revealed that her family and friends were outraged by Avinash’s lies on national television. “My friends and family were furious when they watched it. My friend Simran supported me. When she saw that episode, she said he could have remained silent. He had the option to keep quiet when he knew he was in the wrong. But on such a big platform, he chose to lie. Today, his friends are supporting me and standing by my side. They are no longer with him. My family and friends were furious, and they wanted someone to convey their sentiments to me. If I had known earlier, I would have given him a fitting response, but I didn’t get the opportunity,” she concluded.