Bigg Boss OTT 2: Elvish Yadav’s ‘Tanashahi’ task sparks heated arguments after he said to Avinash, “Bandi teri romance mera”

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Bigg Boss OTT 2: Elvish Yadav’s ‘Tanashahi’ task sparks heated arguments after he said to Avinash, “Bandi teri romance mera”

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss OTT 2, a fiery task assigned to contestant Elvish Yadav creates a storm of arguments and tension within the house. The crucial task holds the potential to grant Elvish the coveted position of captain, making it a high-stakes challenge for all. However, as the task unfolds, emotions run high and conflicts escalate, leading to unexpected twists and confrontations among the participants.

In the initial phase of the task, Elvish Yadav involves fellow contestant Falaq Naaz in a task that requires her to repeat words dictated by him. While some phrases are lighthearted, others make Falaq uncomfortable, leading to a strained atmosphere. Elvish playfully makes Falaq say phrases like “Avinash dheela hai,” “Elvish is much better than Avinash for me,” and even “Elvish I love you.” While Falaq initially tries to comply, she eventually rebels, refusing to say certain lines that make her uncomfortable.

In the next phase of the task, Elvish involves Avinash Sachdev, leading to a series of mimics and distorted sentences. When asked to say, “Main dheent hu” (I am toothless), Avinash replies with a twist, sparking tension between the two. The task quickly escalates into a heated argument, with Elvish expressing displeasure over Avinash’s performance.

As emotions run high, Avinash decides to call off the task, stating that he does not want Elvish to become the captain. This decision further divides the house, with other contestants expressing differing opinions. Abhishek Malhan supports Elvish’s captaincy bid, while Avinash remains firm in his opposition.

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Amidst the chaos, Elvish said, “Bandi teri romance mera” which irked Falaq when she felt that her name is being dragged into the argument. Her outburst adds to the growing tension, with Abhishek attempting to mediate between the feuding parties.

With the task abruptly halted and conflicting opinions on Elvish’s captaincy, the atmosphere in the Bigg Boss house remains uncertain. As the participants continue to navigate their emotions and allegiances, the race for the coveted captaincy becomes even more intense.

The ‘tanashahi’ task in Bigg Boss OTT 2 has taken the house by storm, causing heated arguments and unexpected confrontations. As contestants grapple with their emotions and alliances, the outcome of this high-stakes task remains uncertain. With tensions running high, viewers are eagerly anticipating the next episode to witness the unfolding drama and see who will emerge victorious in this intense battle for captaincy.