Bigg Boss OTT 2: Abhishek Malhan accuses Elvish Yadav of orchestrating negative publicity against him

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Bigg Boss OTT 2: Abhishek Malhan accuses Elvish Yadav of orchestrating negative publicity against him

The most recent installment of Bigg Boss OTT 2 brought a wave of emotions and controversy, as the double elimination weekend saw the departure of contestants Avinash Sachdev and Jad Hadid. However, the drama didn’t end there, as close friends Abhishek Malhan and Elvish Yadav found themselves entangled in a tense exchange, marking their first conflict within the show.

A pivotal moment unfolded when Abhishek confronted Elvish, accusing him of orchestrating negative publicity against him outside the realm of the show. This accusation deeply affected Elvish, who vehemently denied the claims, stating that he would never engage in such behavior towards someone he holds dear.

The discord commenced with Abhishek expressing his sense of being cast as a “villain” on the show. He disclosed to Elvish that he had received information suggesting that negative public relations efforts were being carried out against him, and he questioned whether Elvish had any prior knowledge. This revelation caught Elvish off guard, prompting him to offer an explanation rooted in his unwavering friendship and commitment to integrity.

Abhishek further elaborated, stating, “I was informed that you and your team are involved in negative PR against me outside the show. However, I am withholding judgment until I investigate the matter myself.” In response, Elvish challenged Abhishek’s doubts by asking, “Considering our history together, do you genuinely believe I would stoop to such actions?”

As the night unfolded, Elvish sought solace in a heart-to-heart conversation with Jiya Shankar. During this candid discussion, he revealed the extent of his emotional turmoil, expressing that he had never experienced such profound hurt during his time on the show. With tears in his eyes, Elvish lamented, “Never before have I felt this level of anguish while on the show. It’s incredibly disheartening to think he could perceive me in such a negative light.”

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Jiya Shankar offered a soothing presence, encouraging Elvish to address the issue directly with Abhishek in order to find resolution. Elvish concurred with her advice, recognizing the importance of clarifying the situation and mending their friendship.