Bigg Boss OTT 2: Aashika Bhatia opens up about Elvish Yadav’s fat-shaming 

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Bigg Boss OTT 2: Aashika Bhatia opens up about Elvish Yadav’s fat-shaming 

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss OTT 2, Aashika Bhatia and Elvish Yadav joined the show as wildcard contestants, stirring up conversations within the house. Aashika, forming a bond with fellow contestant Bebika Dhurve, shared an incident involving Elvish. Bebika inquired about Aashika’s connection with Elvish, to which she revealed, “I got to know him during the lockdown when he made a roast video about me.” When asked about the content, Aashika replied, “It was centered around body shaming me. However, I chose to ignore it as I was content and confident in my own skin.”

During a conversation about body shaming, Bebika mentioned her own experiences, expressing, “I have faced body shaming numerous times here. Have you seen Abhishek body shaming me?” Aashika sided with Abhishek, stating, “He waits for you to provoke him.” Despite Aashika’s defense, Bebika firmly asserted, “It was Pooja ma’am who made Abhishek understand. He has said hurtful things about me.”

Following the roast sessions targeting Falaq, Jiya, and Avinash, Elvish sat down with Bebika and Aashika. Aashika brought up their experience of being blindfolded in the car before entering the Bigg Boss house. Bebika then reminded them about the past roast incident, to which Elvish responded, “We both made videos about each other, and the matter was resolved. She had even considered filing a police complaint against me.”

Aashika, however, expressed her discontent, stating, “You roasted everyone, but your remarks towards me were particularly harsh.” Bebika chimed in, addressing Elvish’s fat-shaming comments and emphasizing that such behavior is no longer acceptable in today’s society. She mentioned Abhishek’s similar actions and how Pooja ma’am reprimanded him for it. Elvish then claimed, “I had apologized to you.” Aashika questioned the apology, stating, “I never saw an apology video from you. All I saw was the roast.” Elvish clarified, “I had specifically made a video to apologize to you. Perhaps you missed it while focusing on the roast. I apologize for the fat shaming, though not for the roast itself.”

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