Bigg Boss fame Ajaz Khan reflects on his release from jail and the challenging ordeal

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Bigg Boss fame Ajaz Khan reflects on his release from jail and the challenging ordeal

Ajaz Khan, known for his participation in Bigg Boss 7, was granted bail on June 19 after being arrested in a drug case. In a press meet following his release, Ajaz shared his harrowing experience of spending 26 months in jail and opened up about the difficulties he faced and the meager sustenance he had.

Immediately upon regaining his freedom, Ajaz visited the Qabristan to express gratitude to his late mother for her unwavering support throughout this traumatic journey. He found solace in knowing that she had been with him in his prayers during his time behind bars. His motivation to overcome the hardships stemmed from his deep-rooted love for his mother and his dedication to his family.

The two years in confinement proved to be immensely challenging for Ajaz. Standing by his truth led to the isolation of some of his own acquaintances. Separated from his family for 26 long months, he also had to cope with his father’s deteriorating health. Despite the adversities, Ajaz expressed his gratitude to a higher power for preserving his life and enabling him to continue fighting for the sake of his loved ones. The dire living conditions in jail were evident, with a mere three toilets serving approximately 400 inmates, leading to constant overcrowding.

During his time in jail, Ajaz immersed himself in reading, acquiring knowledge and insights from various books. The experience allowed him to develop a profound appreciation for the value of every morsel of food and the significance of basic necessities. Interacting with fellow inmates, some of whom were gangsters, taught him valuable lessons about life. Surviving on dry rotis and rice that resembled stones, Ajaz learned to find joy in even the simplest provisions.

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Reflecting on his incarceration, Ajaz discovered the true nature of the people around him, identifying those who stood by him during difficult times. The circumstances allowed him to form both friendships and enmities. While some individuals he had placed his trust in turned away from him, others offered unwavering support to him and his family. Ajaz remains uncertain as to why he was detained, as his arrest occurred abruptly while he was returning from the airport. Instead of engaging in a battle against the system, he now focuses on prioritizing the well-being of his family.