Bigg Boss 17 Drama Escalates: Mannara Chopra Clashes with Khanzaadi, Ankita Lokhande Intervenes with Sass

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Bigg Boss 17 Drama Escalates: Mannara Chopra Clashes with Khanzaadi, Ankita Lokhande Intervenes with Sass

In the recent installment of Bigg Boss 17, tensions reached a peak as Mannara Chopra found herself in a heated dispute with her newfound ally, Khanzaadi. Following a confrontation with Ankita Lokhande, Mannara and Khanzaadi engaged in a tumultuous discussion while seated on the lawn.

During their exchange, Khanzaadi expressed her disapproval of Mannara’s joking style, prompting Mannara to abruptly shut down the conversation, stating, “Haan theek hai, I want to rest now.” Despite attempts by Khanzaadi to reconcile, Mannara responded with attitude, rebuffing Munawar’s dinner invitation with disdain.

In a subsequent twist, Mannara, disgruntled over her altercation with Ankita Lokhande, confided in Navid about feeling overshadowed and unappreciated. Khanzaadi attempted to initiate a conversation to mend fences, but Mannara remained resolute in her decision to distance herself, asserting, “You find your new friends; I am not friends with you.”

The tension escalated as Khanzaadi, trying to clarify her stance, faced Mannara’s emotional outburst. Navid attempted to console Mannara, who expressed feeling suppressed and isolated in the house. In a surprising turn, Khanzaadi, hurt by Mannara’s choice of words, confided in Ankita about her desire to leave the Bigg Boss house.

As the night unfolded, Mannara approached Khanzaadi once more, this time in the presence of Ankita and other girls. Despite Ankita’s advice to give Mannara space, a war of words ensued. Mannara, in a fit of anger, suggested that Khanzaadi could treat her like an adopted daughter, making her an assistant responsible for various chores. Ankita responded with confidence, assuring Mannara that her capabilities exceeded the proposed tasks.

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The drama within Bigg Boss 17 continues to intensify, with relationships unraveling and alliances being tested. As the contestants navigate the challenges within the house, the dynamics among Mannara, Khanzaadi, and Ankita promise to be a focal point of the ongoing saga.