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Day 30

4:30 PM

Anurag tells Ankita that I can’t get my family involved in this show. He will voluntarily exit from the show. Ankita says you can give 2 crores? Anurag says my relationships matter to me. I can’t live with people who are being personal to me. Ankita says you want your followers to be disappointed in you? don’t disrespect them and your family.

Mannara tells Abhishek that she doesn’t want to nominate him.

Ankita tells Rinku that I feel like eating sour food, I think there is something wrong. Rinku says maybe its a good news. Ankita says we didn’t do anything here so how can it be? Rinku says it must be a good news, we will take care of it. She laughs.

Anurag tells Vicky that relationships matter to me. Vicky says you can talk to psychologists here. Ankita says he said he wanted to quit, I told him to be careful.

5 PM

Khanzaadi falls down and sprains her ankle. Abhishek rushes to her and asks if she is okay?

Isha tells Neil that Abhishek can fall down in emotions, I feel like Khanzaadi is using him for convenience, she is just using him for the game.

Abhishek helps Khanzaadi is getting up. She says its hurting but I am okay.

6 PM

Bigg Boss calls everyone to the lounge. He says you people shouldn’t forget that this is my area even if its your houses. Its time to bring up a new twist. Its time for the report card and you can change your address. We have published your report card which shows where you will be shifted to. He asks them to go and check.

House 1 – heart house

Samarth, Munawar, Mannara, heart house, Ankita, Isha

House 2 – Power house

Vicky, Anurag, Tehelka, Arun, Sana

House 3 – brain house

Neil, Aishwarya, Jigna, Rinku, Navid, Khanzaadi

Bigg Boss says most people are happy in their houses but Samarth isn’t happy. He says I am happy. Bigg Boss asks Ankita why is she sad? she says my husband went to another house. Bigg Boss says Vicky is happy there. Vicky says I am happy here, we will make this house a top one.

6:15 PM

Vicky comes to Ankita, she says leave me alone, you wanted to be alone so leave. He says I didn’t say that. Ankita says get lost, this is my room. Vicky says what’s my fault? Ankita says you are laughing and enjoying there, I hate you. You are a selfish idiot, Vicky says what’s my fault? I am alone there. Ankita says you think you are smart? don’t talk to me, forget we are married.

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6:30 PM

Vicky tells Ankita to not feel bad. Ankita says I did a mistake by marrying you, I was a fool. You were always smart and shrewd, you used me. Vicky says why are you saying that? why are you angry with me? Ankita says you were excited to change houses. He says its okay. Ankita says I don’t want to stay here, you know I need you. Vicky says its okay, we will stay nights together. I will tell Abhishek to switch. Ankita says you don’t even want to sleep with me. Vicky says you are making things difficult for me. I can’t even leave and go away from you. I brought you to Bigg Boss for myself, to use your mind for my gain but now others will take advantage of it.

Isha tells Munawar that Ankita is stressed. He says she is worried about separating from Vicky.

6:45 PM

Abhishek tells Ankita to not worry too much, you are not happy with Mannara here? She says I don’t care. Samarth says I can change bed with Vicky if you want. She says its okay. We will play game using heart and brain both. She tells Isha that we are one team but we have to show individual personalities.

Khanzaadi tells Abhishek that I was shadowed because of Munawar so I am happy.

Mannara tells Jigna that she will miss her.

Ankita comes to Vicky and hugs him. She cries and says I will miss you. Vicky says I will be here. Isha comes there and says you can stay here all day. Samarth says I can even switch bed if you want.

7 PM

Vicky tells Ankita that it will be okay. Munawar tells Ankita that he won’t share a bed with Mannara. Ankita tells Munawar to come to their room and tells Vicky to go to his room.

8 PM

Vicky tells Ankita to control her tongue. You were insulting me and if I do that then you will become coward. She says what did I do?

Anurag tells Abhishek that he isn’t scared of anything now because he is nominated.

Ankita tells Vicky that she didn’t say anything to him? Vicky says if I said to Sana that we should go to our room and you should go to your room then you won’t be angry? you said that in front of Munawar. I went to a room where I don’t know people much. Ankita says even in my house, I don’t have close people. Vicky says you still have Isha and Abhishek. Ankita says what can I do? Vicky says don’t be childish, you keep insulting me but I can’t even be upset? You don’t understand anything if I call you out.

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