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Day 29

8 AM

The inmates wake up to BB anthem, they all dance together.

10:30 AM

Arun tells Vicky that I never raised hand on Anurag and he provoked Tehelka that I called him before coming here. Anurag says he is lying. Arun says I am not talking to you. Tehelka ssy he even said that I called Abhishek before coming here, he is lying. Abhishek comes there and says I know his sister in law so Tehelka connected with me before coming here, he even said that he would take me to top 5. Anurag says Tehelka is a liar. Arun and Tehelka plotted all this. Arun says you also plotted to make Khanzaadi and Munawar fight with Mannara. Mannara tells Munawwar that she doesn’t have an issue with him. Anurag shouts at Arun that he is a liar.

11 AM

Anurag tells Arun that you are a liar.

Ankita tells Navid that Vicky doesn’t disrespect me, he is a little dominating but he never disrespected me. He is hurt that he was compared with Aishwarya.

Anurag tells Arun that you can’t play this game, you are a ****. Arun says don’t talk about that, you are a *****.

Munawar tells Vicky that these people are fighting after plotting against us before.

Anurag tells Arun that his daughter is at home so he should behave. Arun says don’t bring my daughter into this, I will kick you. Anurag says come and kick me. Arun says don’t come near me. Anurag says you are useless. Anurag says I am not married even but I am still more useful than Arun. Arun says I also know about your affairs, you were seen leaving a hotel in the morning with a girl. Anurag shouts that it was my sister.. how dare you bring her up? Arun says we all know what your status is. Anurag says don’t bring my sister in this. Arun tells him to get lost. Anurag says I will not spare you once you come out of the house. You said that I went to a hotel with a girl but it was my sister. Arun tells him to get lost. Anurag says your daughter would be ashamed. He leaves. Samarth asks Arun if he knows about his girlfriend? Arun says we don’t even know if it was a girl or a boy he went to the hotel with. Anurag comes there and shouts this is wrong, he can’t bring up my sister here. He charges at Arun so Samarth pulls him away. Anurag says I will not spare him. He charges at Arun and pushes him away. All rush to stop the,. Arun says he is getting physical here. Vicky says Arun is bringing up his sister. Arun says he brought up my daughter first. Anurag shouts he brought up my sister, how dare he.

11:45 AM

Tehelka tells Arun that Anurag is twisting your words. Arun says his mother should know that he doesn’t have morals.

Anurag tells Abhishek to not bring up past issues here.

Arun tells the camera that Anurag got physical with him, this is wrong.

Ankita tells Anurag to not bring up Arun’s family. Arun comes there and says I didn’t talk about his sister, he brought her up. Anurag says you talked about the girl so I had to tell you it was my sister. Arun says get lost.

12:30 PM

Mannara tells Jigna that she respects her a lot, I would always choose you over Rinku. Jigna says I had heard so many curses in life that’s why I wanted you to not use curse words. We should learn and move on. Khanzaadi comes there so Mannara takes Jigna from there.

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Anurag tells Ankita that they can’t talk about my sister like this. Tehelka is Arun’s puppet. Ankita says Tehelka provokes him.

Arun tells Tehelka that I am not characterless like him, I am open with my wife about everything.

Jigna tells Mannara that she shouldn’t react but respond to others and talk to them. Mannara says I don’t want to fight with you. Jigna hugs her and says its okay.

1 PM

Khanzaadi is hugging Abhishek, he says we should do this outside the show. She says what happens outside will happen here too.

Aishwarya tells Neil that she loves him a lot. Neil says I know that. She cries and says people are questioning my love for you. Neil says I don’t and that’s what matters.

Abhishek tells Khanzaadi that I go crazy for a girl when I go in a relationship so I don’t want to have anything with you which will affect my game. Khanzaadi says I want things to go with the flow. Abhishek says I want to talk to you normally. She says don’t flirt with me then. Abhishek says I don’t flirt with you. Khanzaadi says you behave the same as you do with others.

2:30 PM

Anurag tells Khanzaadi that Arun brought up my sister, I have a relationship outside and it will affect that. Arun says he is a liar, he even lies that he doesn’t smoke cigarettes. Vicky comes there so Ankita asks where was he? Vicky tells Ankita that he was just sitting there, can’t even he sit on his own? She says I am not doubting you. Vicky says I don’t want to misbehave. She says lets talk.

Ankita tells Vicky that he solves everyone’s issues but he is not talking about his own issue. Vicky says I have lost to you. If I say something then I am wrong. Ankita says you don’t talk to me. I will expect to talk things out but you are sitting and talking to others over me. Vicky says I am sorry.. I know where this will go, I can’t even have my own opinion, people think I am a God and I can’t do mistakes. Ankita says you are detaching yourself from me. Vicky says you are not treating me well. Vicky is way below Ankita. Ankita says you are saying that. Vicky says you were dancing with others yesterday but if I did it then I was wrong. I am wrong in any case. This game is not fair, I am always wrong because you are Ankita Lokhende. Ankita says you have to balance things, your ego is hurt so we can’t talk like that. Vicky says you think you are 100% right in this relationship? don’t you shout at me? Ankita says when am I saying I am always right? Vicky says then you should have spoken up when they called me illmannered, you should have said that I always stood with you and had to bear a lot of things. I still remember last 5 years and what I have done for you but you are a celebrity so I am nothing, I am the one who is disrespecting. Ankita says lets just forget we are husband and wife in the show as its creating peoplems. Vicky says you are always right.

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