Bigg Boss 16: Falaq Naaz gets evicted by the house mates


Bigg Boss 16: Falaq Naaz gets evicted by the housemates

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16, emotions ran high as host Salman Khan confronted Jad Hadid over his lack of participation and efforts in the show. Later, Salman announced the bottom three contestants: Jad Hadid, Falaq Naaz, and Avinash Sachdev, leaving the fate of one of them in the hands of their fellow contestants.

During the tense voting process, Jiya, Abhishek, Elvish, and others decided to vote out Falaq, leading to her eviction from the show. The unexpected development shocked Avinash, Jiya, and others, who couldn’t believe Falaq’s departure. As Falaq bid farewell and left the house, Avinash became emotional, requesting her to wait for him outside the show.

Expressing his disappointment, Avinash said, “I still can’t believe that you have to leave the show. I am not happy about it at all. Please wait for me outside the show.” Falaq’s eviction left a mark on the house, and Salman criticized the contestants for their decision to vote her out. He pointed out that Jad had openly expressed his disinterest in winning the show or being a part of it anymore, while Falaq wanted to stay, yet everyone chose to eliminate her.

Apart from the emotional eviction, the episode also featured a fun roasting battle between popular YouTubers Abhishek Malhan, known as Fukra Insaan, and Elvish Yadav. Their exchange of witty jabs added a dose of entertainment and amusement to the show.

Moreover, the episode welcomed the talented comedian Krushna Abhishek, who graced the stage with his hilarious jokes and punchlines, delighting both the housemates and the audience.

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As the drama unfolds and tensions rise, Bigg Boss 16 continues to be a roller-coaster ride of emotions and entertainment, captivating viewers with each passing episode.