Bigg Boss 16 28th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Elimination Day

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Weekend ka vaar
Shalin says Priyanka has too much ego and she makes perceptions of people; Shalin gives him an image consultant card to Priyanka. Shiv says I want to give it to Archana. She has no humanity in her sometimes. She brings people down. Archana says okay fine. Stan comes, he says Archana. Stan says I would give it to Archana. He says Archana brings people down. She talks about faces and plays woman’s cards. Archana says I am not scared of you, you won’t decide if I would become MP or not. Sumbul says I wanna call Priyanka. She talks a lot but doesn’t let other people talk either as well. Priyanka says you all gang up on people. You have to be loud to be heard. Sumubl says you ignore Nimrit. Priyanka says I don’t like her. That’s very clear. Sumbul says does she avoid you? Priyanka says she does. Nimrit says you are so disrespectful and you turn your face away. Priyanka says she doesn’t even ask me about food, we don’t like each other, it’s very clear. Sumbul says you did the same and left the place when Nimrit was eating when the same happened with you didn’t like it. Nimrit comes next. She says please come, Tina. She is very arrogant, we can’t tolerate her queen behavior. We all are equal here. She says next is Priyanka. We have personal differences and she says stuff like you. I don’t like to see your face. You don’t look at people like we are beneath you. If you treat us ill I can’t even ask you stuff. Priyanka says what did I even say? Nimrit says your body language. We’re not as amazing as you are. Priyanka says I keep myself grounded. Tina says if you sit with her for an hour you would know. Priyanka comes next. She says I wanna call Nimirt. I like to avoid her. I have never given her attitude. She also talks to me in a rude tone. What you did in nomination, you did a personal attack, you brought my personal life and Ankit. Nimrit says I don’t care about your personal life. Priyanka says then better not to do personal attacks, you will get attitude in return. Shiv next. Nimrit says I wanna talk. Priyanka says it’s my place. She says Shiv, your game is good. But yes, you leave when I come there with food. You have done it many times. I don’t like it myself if someone has to leave.

Tina comes and calls Nimrit. She says I’ve never been rude to her. Her body language has been very rude to me. Archana comes and says I wanna call Shiv. Everyone can see he’s shaken. Be a good human first before questioning others. He gets so greedy over milk. He makes points out of nothing. Kartik says time to dance now. He dances with all the contestants.

Archana says he said I can’t be an MP. Who is he to do such personal attacks? Priyanka says they can do that. Others can’t. Stan says they don’t even let us talk. Shiv says Priyanka keeps saying I play alone. Who was Ankit? Who is Archana? Tina? Farah goes back to the house. She asks who is nominated. Tina, Shalin, Priyanka, and Shiv. I know you all want to get to finale week. It wasn’t easy to get here either. You also know who mad it most difficult for you. Who was the speed breaker of your car? There are skills there. You have to put a sticker of that person’s name on the skull and break it with the hammer. Priyanka says it’s been Nimrit. I was happy that I know at least someone who is from the industry. I thought we could be friends. it’s fine we had some differences but now I got to know it stems from an old shoot that we did. I don’t even remember it, she has been holding some grudges from there. She targets and pokes me. Nimrit doesn’t let her friends talk to me. She has created this image of myself too. Nimrit says we did the big-picture shoot. It was for 3 hours only. I thought my vibe doesn’t match. Which is fine, we can’t be friends with everyone. Priyanka says so it’s fine to judge people in 3 hours and have preconceived notions. Farah says people judge in 3 minutes. Farah says did you try to be friends? Nimrit says I can’t be a hypocrite. Priyanka says she has spoken to Tina about me too. Nimrit says people have had personal experiences with her. Priyanka says Tina and Shalin were also told things by her. Shalin comes next. He says my image has been tainted because Tina has set a narrative about me. It would have been smooth if she wasn’t here. He smashes the skull. Tina says I rest my case. She comes next and says my journey has been Shalin. We were good friends, but he keeps me confused a lot. I couldn’t take a stand for myself. Shalin says I don’t trust her. I don’t even know if she was real. Tina drops the skull Farah says she dropped you like a hot potato. Tina says I had no reason to use you. Farah says it has benefitted you both. Sumbul comes next. She says for me it’s been Tina and Shalin. Tina called me obsessive. Shalin was my friend. I care about my friends. She also labeled me that I cry. I was dragged for no reason. Tina says Salman said on the weekend that you are obsessive. Sumbul says if I take a stand for Nimrit as a friend, would I be in love and obsessed with her? Stan says for me, it’s Archana. She puts blames me for no reason. He smashes the skull. Archana says for me it’s Shiv and Stan. Stan knows how to fight and Shiv pokes people. Stan says she judged me when I came here. She asked me thrice about a rapper I did a show with. How did she know if she didn’t know I came here? Archana says I didn’t know him at all. Shiv comes next. He says for me it’s Priyanka. She has said many things about me, she has her friends for her use only. She keeps saying that I do planning. Priyanka says you do that. Shiv says their next name is Archana. She is very loud. She plays girl cards. She said I don’t have a good eye. I don’t have a small mentality like her. Nimrit says I am an emotional fool. I got so attached to Tina. I didn’t understand that I was getting used. I was always with her. She wasn’t there when I needed her. Tina says I was there. She didn’t want to talk to me. Nimrit says she was so crazy about captaincy that she felt that jolt. I lost faith in friendship after that. And next is Priyanka. She repeated this line about me that I’ve never played alone. She has created this narrative about me that I haven’t played. If she can discuss nominations and fights for on reason so that’s playing for her. Tina says you all have discussed nominations as well. Farah says you all had speed breakers but you’re still here. Have a round of applause.

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Farah says now one car will go home. The two safe nominees are, Priyanka. Priyanka says thank you, ma’am. She says the next person who is safe is Shiv. Tina and Shalin are in danger. You both if the other wasn’t there your journey would have been better. The person who will leave today due to votes is. Shalin or Tina. One of you. Shalin says why. She says now the name. It’s tina Datta. Come out, Tina. All the best. There’s something much better waiting for you out there. She says thank you. Sumbul says will we see her in the confession room tomorrow? She will come back crying. Nirmit laughs. Shalin says you can say. Tina says to Priyanka they will come on you. You will have all my support from outside. Tina hugs her. Priyanka says I will miss you. Archana hugs her. Tina meets everyone. Archana says to meet Shalin. Tina says I don’t want to. She leaves. Shalin says I kept my decency and stood here. Tina hugs Archana. She meets Stan. Shiv says don’t say anything Shalin. Tina leaves. Farah says Tina has left the house. The finale is only 2 weeks away. Good night.

Episode ends