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Day 53
8 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem. Abdu asks the ducks to shut.

9 AM
Sajid says is that woman crazy? If she left trash in my room I will throw it in her face. We don’t have to get triggered. Shalin says she got triggered. Sajid says no one likes her now. She got 1200 votes in the elections. Sajid says to Sumbul don’t react to anything she says. Sumbul says I can’t tolerate her behavior. Sajid says we don’t have to get provoked. Sumbul says I can’t stay calm. Sajid says what will you do then? Meditate? Sumbul says yes. Priyanka, Soundarya, and Archana are sleeping. Alarm blares.

10:30 AM
Ankit brings coffee for Priyanka. She says this is the first time you got me coffee. He says I always get it from Sajid. She says I made it. Archana says she never appreciates it. Ankit says I’ve accepted that. Ankit says you never appreciate. Priyanka says do you appreciate what I do every single day? Archana says I won’t do any work. Soundarya says they won’t give you food. Priyanka says to Ankit thanks for the first coffee and you gave it like a favor. Archana says you said.. Ankit says she’s always right and we are always wrong. Tina says you know I was joking and you’re taunting me with her. Why are you speaking from her side? Don’t you know her? Ankit says you are not always right. Priyanka says I am always an idiot. I make it every day. He says I don’t ask for it.

11 AM
Priyanka comes ot Ankit. She says I appreciated you and you started taunting Archana me. He says you were laughing at me when I got nominated. She says I was joking. Ankit says then this is a joke too. I will go be happy. Priyanka says this wasn’t a joke. She leaves in anger.

11:15 AM
Soundarya says hurry up Soundayra people are dying Soundarya says I can’t help it. Archana says the perfect answer. Nimrit says Archana other people need to eat too. Archana says to wake up early then. Tina says you were also sleeping.

11:30 AM
Abdu sings with Stan. Priyanka says to Ankit never joke like this with me. We are different I never laugh at you with other people. He says you do it with Archana. Priyanka says I fight for you and myself. You never fight for me. He says I am different from you. Priyanka says I have fought for you everytime. He says I never asked you to fight for me. Stop saying it over and over again. She says I don’t have a strong heart like you. She cries and says I have always placed you above myself. No matter how much you do for someone they say in the end we didn’t ask you. He says sorry I made a mistake. Priyanka says I don’t need your sarcastic sorry. He says I will never joke with you. Priyanka says you were taunting me with her. He says I won’t’ even talk. She says don’t show me your attitude. When did I say you can’t joke? He says I won’t. Priyanka says you don’t even consider me your friend? He says you know your answer always. She says have you fooled me for 4 years? He says your question and answers yourself. Priyanka says you’re showing the world I am after you. He says how am I showing that? Priyanka says do you have any responsibility. What is your responsibility? He says this is how I am. Tolerate for 3 more days. She says I am nothing to you. Don’t fool a person like this. I am done. Priyanka leaves.

1 PM
Archana asks Stan have you cleared the room? He says I don’t need to tell you. Shiv says I will check, let him work. She keeps questioning Stan. Shiv says don’t do it. No one questions your cooking. Shiv says do you do it intentionally? She says I am honest. Shiv says this show is made for you. It’s natural for you. She says I never thought. He says that’s why I love you.

3:30 PM
Bigg Boss says let’s go to the market for grocery shopping. There is a truck in the living area. It stops outside the market, it has all the weekly groceries. You will all get on the truck. A room of 2 people will pick first and Shiv will press the horn and they’ve to come back. It will be repeated roomwise. Shiv will decide who will get how much shopping. The remaining grocery would be Shiv.

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Buzzer blares. Bigg Boss asks Shalin and Archana to not whisper and tell everyone. Shiv says we were discussing picking important things. Archana says he said you should pick vegetables. Nimrit and Tina start picking. Shiv presses the horn. Room 3 goes next. Sajid, Stan and Abdu pick. She says don’t pick vegan. Leave it for Soundarya. Archana and Shalin come next. Soundarya says they are taking all the flour. Priyanka says nothing basic is left. Archana says it was fair. Nimrit says because you went third not last. Archana says sit silently. Nimrit says we are here to speak only. She says, poor people. Sajid says you were poor and begin to come back. Archana says Salman brought me back. Room of 6 goes next. Soundarya says I left the tofu. Priyanka says we left milk and basic things for you.

3:45 PM
Sajid says, fair king. I was unfair. Shiv says hoping everyone got everything. Archana says to ask if you were not. Nimrit says you were fair. Shiv says you were fair. Sajid says people think their dads run the show. Archana says I wish my dad was rich. Why don’t you ask your dad he will run it. Sajid says stop provoking me. I didn’t take your dad’s name. She says you said the same. Sajid says my dad died 40 years ago. Have some shame. Get off the truck. I will show you how to provoke now. Come here, how dare you take my dad’s name. Archana says we are not like you. He says see your worth. Archana says I am better than you. She says the best director ever. Soundarya says shut up Archana. Sajid says then she uses a woman card. WOmen like you should be thrown out. Sajid says something about her mom. Archana shouts don’t you dare to talk about my mom. Go see your mom first. See what your mom is doing. Sajid comes ot hit her. Shiv holds him. Priyanka and Soundarya try to calm her down. Sajid says this girl can’t be tolerated. Nimrit says this is a provocation. Stop talking about his parents. Have some respect. Archana says I didn’t even stoop to his level. Shalin says go to your room. tina says she’s a psycho woman. Shalin says relax, not worth it. Tina says we will all teach her a lesson.

Priyanka says he didn’t talk about your dad. Soundarya says he wasn’t talking about you why did you take it to yourself. She says then he brought my mom. Soundarya says you provoked him. Abdu says Priyanka and Soundarya are calling her out but she still doesn’t understand. She’s very stupid. Sajid says she can’t be tolerated. Take a call Bigg Boss.

4:30 PM
Soundarya asks Sajid to calm down. He shouts don’t tell me anything. Take her side. Soundarya says I’ve called her wrong. I am not taking her side. Sajid says she’s crossed all the limits. Soundarya says I’ve told her that. Archana says as if he’s the ruler here and we are from the road. Tina says our parent’s didn’t brought you up like you. She says goons. Tina says you are a goon, your family is a goon. Sajid says she’s done enough. Archana says he can abuse. Priyanka says he said someone’s dad. We didn’t take it on ourselves. Archana says he was pointing finger at me. Priyanka says you said his dad clearly. Soundarya says you don’t need to answer anything. He didn’t take your name. Archana says I knew he was pointing me. Priyanka says just go and say sorry. Archana says I won’t. Can’t you all see? He gets so aggressive.

Nimrit asks Sajid to take a walk. Bigg Boss asks Sajid to come to medical room. Archana says shuold I say someone’s dad can’t touch me. SAjid goes to medical room in anger. Archana says see his spoons. I will ttake a stand for myself. Sajid says to the dcotor that girl is so weird. I never thought someone would drag my parents in this. They check his BP. Doctor says it’ a big high.

4:45 PM

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