Bhagya Lakshmi 7th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Rishi and Ayush rescue Lakshmi


Bhagya Lakshmi 7th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Raja asking Rishi to move and says you should have been killed, and asks him to suffer now, as he has come. Rishi shouts calling Lakshmi. The goons tie him to the pillar. Rishi says I am telling you the truth…The goon puts cloth in his mouth. They begin auctioning Lakshmi. The old man buys her for Rs 1 crore shocking Rishi. He tells Raja that he has brought the Bulbul and gives him 1 crore Rs. He tells that he will put his stamp on her lips now and goes near her. Rishi shouts though his mouth is closed. The old man goes to him and asks who is she? Rishi says she is my wife? The old man hits Rishi and says now she is my wife, I have bought her. Ayush fights with the goons outside. The goons hit rod on his head and takes him inside. Rishi spits the cloth and tells the old man that Lakshmi is his wife, and tells old man that she is of his daughter’s age. Old Man says she is mine now. He says I gave less money to you Raja. Raja asks him to give more. Rishi says she is my wife. Raja says once anyone comes here, then the girl belongs to us. Rishi asks him to free his hands and see.

The old man tells Raja that he didn’t kiss her yet, let him enjoy her beauty. Raja says you can kiss her wherever you what, and says nobody will stop you and if anyone tries to stop you, then I will stop that person’s breath. Rishi takes off his shoe with his foot and throws at the old man. The goons bring Ayush there. Ayush says Rishi bhai. The old man tells Rishi that he will make the video and send to him. He gives money to Raja and says it is more than 1 crore. Raja says I will inform you when I get new Bulbul. The old man says he doesn’t need any Bulbul now. Ayush shouts and says she is my Bhabhi and not Bulbul. Raja asks what to do with them. The old man says I will make video and send to them, so that they know his real age and power. He slaps Rishi. Ayush asks where you are taking her? The old man says to marry her. Ayush says spit on you for selling mothers and sisters like women. He hits the goon. Rishi also breaks free and fights with Raja. He asks Lakshmi how is she? Raja holds him. Lakshmi falls down. The old man asks the girls to keep her in his car. The girls are taking Lakshmi from there.

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Ayush hits the goons with rod, and slaps the girl. He says sorry and says when you didn’t respect a woman, then how can I respect you. He makes Lakshmi sit and asks her to see Rishi. The old man tries to go. Ayush makes him fall down. Rishi hits the old man and says sorry Lakshmi. He hits the old man and tells that his eyes will not be saved for seeing woman with bad sight. Ayush hits Raja, while Rishi tells the old man that the woman is a mother, wife etc…..He asks him to make the video and hits glass bottle on his head. The old man apologizes to Rishi and asks him to send him to jail. Rishi says you have to go to jail. He empties the bottle of wine on the old man. Raja looks on shocked.

Rishi is about to light the lighter. Raja says what you are doing, he will die? The old man runs to Lakshmi and says you are not my wife, but daughter. Rishi asks him not to underestimate the woman. He says Lakshmi’s silence is saying that you will die today. The old man runs, and Rishi throws lighter at him and his shirt starts burning. Raja says you have burnt my everything. Rishi says you shall be punished as you do such bad business. He hits him. Ayush says we shall take Bhabhi from here. Rishi says this place will be burnt and everyone will die. He says we shall leave. Raja and the goons get up. Raja takes the money bag and tells that he will take revenge from him. Rishi and Ayush sit in the car with Lakshmi, and run away. Raja and the goons come out. Raja says I need them, and says he will call other goons.

Shalu calls Ayush. Ayush says Bhabhi is found and tells that they are bringing her, and says she is unconscious. Shalu talks to Rishi. Bani asks if you are fine. Rishi says yes and says the goons will not come behind us. Rishi asks Ayush to take them to their house. Ayush wants to take them to Oberoi Mansion. Rishi insists him to take them to their house. Just then they see Raja and the goons coming behind them in the other car.