Bhagya Lakshmi 6th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Rishi and Ayush reach Lakshmi


Bhagya Lakshmi 6th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Rishi asking Ayush to drive faster. Shalu calls Virender and tells that Ayush called and said that Di is found, while some goons have kidnapped her and taking her and Ayush and Jiju are behind the goons. Virender says they shall inform Police. Shalu says she asked Ayush to send the location. He thinks to inform Dadi. Karishma and Neelam ask Dadi to drink some juice. Dadi is still singing bhajan and is weak. Neelam tries to convince her to drink juice and continue her bhajan. Dadi refuses to eat or drink, until she gets news about Lakshmi. Neelam says when I left eating and drinking, then you asked me to eat food for my health. Dadi asks God to send her news about Lakshmi, else she will not have anything. Karishma says everyone is worried for Lakshmi. Virender comes there and says Rishi and Ayush have found her. Neelam says thank god, Ayush is with Rishi, he will take care of him. Virender asks Dadi to drink juice, and asks Neelam to make her drink. Neelam gives her juice. Dadi drinks it. Rishi asks Ayush to drive faster and stop the car before their car. Ayush says ok. The goons see their car following them. Ayush tells that he has become an expert to follow the cars.

Malishka thinks she shall think smart and thinks to call Ayush. She calls Ayush, but he rejects her call. She gets angry and says Lakshmi’s puppet, and thinks if he found Lakshmi. Rishi asks Ayush to drive more fast.

The goon also drives faster while the other goon says she is our bank, don’t let her go. Ayush is about to take his car before the goon’s car, when Rishi sees the truck coming and alerts Ayush. Kiran tells Sonal that she don’t want Malishka to search her. Sonal nods her head. Rishi asks Ayush to drive the car carefully. Suddenly the biker comes infront of them and they meet with an accident. Rishi asks Ayush to see the guy who was hit by their car. Ayush says car is not starting. Rishi and Ayush get down from the car. Ayush scolds the guy, while Rishi asks if he is fine. He then asks him if they can take his bike, as his wife is kidnapped by the goons. He gives Ayush’s number to the guy and asks him to take the bike tomorrow. They thank him. Rishi starts riding the bike and asks Ayush if he knows the car number. Ayush says yes. Rishi says the car went far away and tells that Lakshmi is his heart, and she is always right. He says heart is on left side and they start going. The goon tells the other that the girl is beautiful, he would have made her as his wife, if they were not committed to Raja Bhai. The other goon asks him not to say this again.

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Ayush tells Rishi that this is the other small/narrow way. Rishi says I am not wrong, Lakshmi might be there. They go to that lane and see the car. The goons keep Lakshmi in the factory. The goon says Raja bhai will come. He says we have fooled those guys and asks others to be careful. Rishi and Ayush come inside. Ayush says you have done a big mistake. Rishi says you have kidnapped my wife Lakshmi, you don’t know what you have done, I will not leave you. They fight with the goons. The goons tie them to the chairs. The goon tells that once a girl comes here, she can’t go. Raja bhai comes there and asks where is the bulbul? He looks at Lakshmi and says she is different and beautiful. He says he thought to give them 1 lakh, but gives them 10 lakhs Rs. He asks him to bring the girl to his place, and says many men are coming today, and says he will get crores for her. He asks the goons to kill them and leaves. They take Lakshmi from there, while two of the goons try to kill Rishi and Ayush. Rishi and Ayush break the chair and get up. Rishi beats the goon and asks where they took Lakshmi? The goon tells the address. Rishi and Ayush tie the goons with the rope. The make up artist does Lakshmi’s make up and asks her to open her eyes, but she is drowsy and unconscious. Raja tells the men that they have a beautiful girl today. An old man tells that he will buy her. The other guy tells that he is old and shall think of his age. The old guy says he wants her and will bet on her. The men buy the girls and go from there. The old man and the young man both like Lakshmi. Raja says the bid starts for 10 lakhs. The old man says 25 lakhs. Rishi comes there breaking the wall on the bike, and hugs Lakshmi, says she is my wife.

Precap: Raja tells Rishi that he will sell his wife infront of him. The old man buys Lakshmi for 70 lakhs and tells that he will kiss her. Raja says you can kiss her wherever you want. Rishi is tied and shocked. Ayush asks where you are taking her. The old man says to marry her.