Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd August 2023 Written Episode Update: A lady stops Lakshmi and Vikrant’s marriage


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The Episode starts with Lakshmi and Vikrant are taking the rounds. Saloni recalls Vikrant booking honeymoon tickets and saying this honeymoon will be memorable. A fb is shown, Saloni hugs him hearing this. Vikrant asks her not to worry and tells that Rishi will not stop the marriage. Saloni says I am afraid that you might kick me out from your life. Vikrant tells her that she is his first love. Saloni says even last. He says yes. He says he had fought with her parents to marry her and then they married in the temple. Saloni asks who is Lakshmi? Vikrant says she is the way to achieve our dreams, and asks her not to worry. She asks why is he behaving so much because of Lakshmi. Vikrant tells that he is bearing Rishi for their dream, he will get Lakshmi. fb ends. Saloni feels that she is feeling that she is losing Vikrant with every round which he is taking with Lakshmi. Malishka thinks very soon all the rounds will happen. Rishi tries to come out of the pool to stop the marriage, but the goons hit on his hands to make him fall in the Pool again. Rishi feels the pain and shouts. Kiran tells Karishma that it seems she is seeing Malishka and Rishi’s marriage. Karishma says your dream will come true very soon. The goon hits Rishi and the other goon jumps in the pool to drown Rishi.

Karishma makes Kiran have sweets and says it is because that the thorn is going away from our way. Rishi is struggling in water. Pandit ji asks Vikrant to take the third vow that he will take care of her in her young age, middle age and old age. Vikrant says I will be with you in all these phases, I am giving you this swear that….Just then a lady comes there and shouts telling Vikrant that he shall not give any swear to her. Everyone looks at her. The goon throws the rope in the pool, and the goon in the pool ties Rishi’s feet. Rishi tries to stop him and holds the goon who tries to come out of the pool. The lady tries to open the ghatbandhan. Vikrant asks what you are doing? The lady asks if you didn’t identify me, or if your eyes are not working due to the smoke. Neelam asks who is she, and says marriage is going on here. Anjana asks who are you, and what you are telling to my son. Vikrant asks who is she? The lady says she is Sarika. Vikrant asks if she has gone mad. The lady asks did you forget that we got married in temple and you are marrying here again. The goon hits Rishi with the chair. Rishi holds his head.

The lady asks how can you marry someone else. Neelam asks if he is married. Vikrant says no, I am not married, this girl is a fraud. Saloni thinks I am Sarika, then why this girl is claiming to be Sarika. Malishka thinks Vikrant has trapped this girl also. Vikrant asks the girl, if she is not feeling ashamed to lie. Virender asks why she will lie. Anjana says may be she wants money and that’s why she is doing this drama. She says she will call Police. The lady asks her to call Police, and then she will see whom Police will arrest. She asks Vikrant why did he promise her, and left her and now he is marrying someone else. She says don’t know how many girls you had married. Vikrant asks her to show proofs. Karishma says Vikrant is from a sanskari family. Bani asks Lakshmi to believe them and cancel this marriage. Dadi asks the lady to show the proofs. The lady shows the photos on her mobile with Vikrant. Vikrant says these photos are photoshopped/morphed. Ayush says if you are only truthful and we all are liars. He says this girl is showing proofs and she is herself standing, and then also you are saying that she is lying. He says this is his real face, Rishi Bhai told so many times, but you didn’t believe us. He says today Vikrant is exposed. Ayush gives her phone to her, and asks if you came here before also. The lady says she had come, and was with Vikrant in the room. She says Rishi was knocking on the door and then Vikrant made me run away from the window. She says she had come again and deleted the CCTV footage. Saloni thinks I have done this. The lady says he is a bad person to remarry someone else. Vikrant thinks how did she know all this. Shalu tells Lakshmi that this is the proof, and asks her to tell who is right, jiju or Vikrant.

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The goon tells other goon that Rishi is a hero and will get up. Rishi gets up and comes out of the pool. He beats both the goons, and the third goon is not there. Rishi says I am coming, I will not leave you. He goes from there. Shalu tells Virender that Vikrant is a fraud and wants to marry again. She says it is good that this lady came, and exposed him. She asks Lakshmi, whom she trusts now. Vikrant thinks who is this girl, who is ruining my plan and thinks this must be Rishi’s conspiracy. Saloni thinks how did she know about what has happened. The lady asks Lakshmi to return her husband to her, touches her feet and asks her not to marry him. Lakshmi asks her not to do this. Malishka tells Lakshmi that if she will believe if any girl comes and claims to be his wife, and asks if you felt that he is fraud ever. Ayush says Vikrant is a fraud and was doing the same. He says he has betrayed us, and thanks Sarika for saving Lakshmi’s life.

Precap: The goons tie Rishi again and throw him in the pool. The lady says she has proved to be Sarika. Vikrant tells Lakshmi that she is right, she is Sarika.