Bhagya Lakshmi 29th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Malishka provokes Lakshmi’s fear


Bhagya Lakshmi 29th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Malishka asking Sonal what she doesn’t have, she is beautiful, educated, rich and intelligent etc, but she doesn’t have one thing, ie destiny. She says her life will change after Diwali and the darkness will move from her way. Sonal asks how you will make Lakshmi wear these crackers and says you are taking a big risk and can be trapped. Malishka says no pain no gain and says the question is about my love. Sonal says you might be thrown out of this house. Malishka says this is my house and nobody can throw me out. She tells that she will celebrate once darkness comes in Lakshmi’s life. Rishi stops Lakshmi and asks what is she doing? Sonia says thankfully Rishi Bhai stopped lakshmi else he is mad in her love. Dadi asks her to be quiet. Lakshmi tells that she is thirsty and wants to drink water. She says even Rishi wants to drink. Rishi says this is puja water and asks Mukesh to get drinking water for Lakshmi. Shalu says what will happen when Di takes aarti plate in her hand. Mukesh brings water. Rishi makes her drink water. Sonia calls him wife’s slave.

Lakshmi drinks water and then makes her Rishi have water. Pandit ji asks Mukesh to bring prasad. Malishka brings prasad. Sonia tells that Malishka has loyalty and royalty and says she should have married Bhai. Virender says enough and says Lakshmi is Rishi’s love and says you don’t need to decide who deserves whom. Dadi says they deserve to be together. Bani tells that she got scolded. Shalu tells Ayush that his sister taunts her di even now. Ayush says I wish I could make her understand. Bani says you can make wise people understand. Ayush says she has become intelligent. Bani says due to Shalu. Malishka keeps prasad and asks Rishi to be careful as Lakshmi might eat it. Lakshmi looks at the prasad. Pandit ji says she shall have it after aarti and puja. Lakshmi says she knows it and says she was just checking it. Rishi tells that his Lakshmi has become childish, but her heart is still the same, clean hearted. Malishka thinks Lakshmi can’t take the aarti plate. Sonal thinks to inform Kiran about the plan, but then thinks that she will ruin it and stops. Malishka tells Karishma that she will ask Rishi to be careful as aarti will go. She goes to Rishi and asks him to take care of Lakshmi, as she might panic. She then whispers to Lakshmi that the fire will burn her so be careful. She asks loudly not to get scared. Shalu and Bani tell that Malishka said something which made Di scared.

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Rishi tells Lakshmi that she is Gods favorite. Lakshmi refuses to do aarti. Karishma taunts her. Virender says Lakshmi is learning to win over her fear. Rishi asks Lakshmi to close her eyes and do aarti. She says you will not be scared. Pandit ji asks what happened to your wife. Rishi says she is unwell. Pandit ji asks him to get someone else do the aarti. Rishi says the same person will do the aarti who is seated for the puja. Lakshmi goes away from there. Rishi asks her to come to him and asks her not to be scared. She asks why you are scolding me? Rishi says you are not listening to me and that’s why I am scolding you. He asks her to close her eyes and he does aarti holding her hand. Ram Ram Jai Raja Ram plays…..They complete the aarti. Pandit ji asks them to light the kapur, and asks them to do camphor aarti. Malishka thinks thank god, Lakshmi’s madness aroused. Lakshmi shouts fire and pushes Rishi. Rishi shouts asking Lakshmi to stop. Dadi shouts Lakshmi. Rishi goes to her and says I told you that you shall not be afraid then why you are scared. He says fire will not come to you, to burn you. He holds her hand and takes her back. He keeps camphor on his palm and lit it with diya. Everyone is shocked. Ayush asks Bhai, what you are doing? Lakshmi opens her eyes and gets shocked. Malishka shouts Rishi. Neelam asks him to throw it. Lakshmi asks him to throw it and says you will be burn. Rishi tells Lakshmi that if you mess up with fire then will get burn, and says if you keep fire in the hand then will burn. He asks her to promise that she won’t be afraid of fire now. Lakshmi says no. Rishi asks her to promise. Lakshmi promises him that she will not be scared of fire and asks him to throw the camphor. Rishi asks him to promise on Rishi and him. She promises.

Precap: Lakshmi puts the water on his hand and hugs him crying. Karishma says she don’t want to celebrate Diwali. Lakshmi holds her hand. Malishka tells Sonal that Lakshmi and Rishi are igniting her anger and tells that time has come to execute her plan.