Bhagya Lakshmi 29th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Vikrant attempts to kill Rishi


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The Episode starts with Rishi trying to take off the photo and thinks the photo inside shall not be spoiled. Mihika says nobody cares for Rishi and thinks once Lakshmi gets married, I will not let her come here. Saloni comes there and asks Malishka where is Rishi? She says I will give you company and asks where is she going for honeymoon. Malishka says she didn’t think as Rishi had sworn to get Lakshmi married first. Saloni says why Rishi wants to break Lakshmi’s marriage, and thinks I want to make you jealous that you shall get her married to Vikrant. She tells Malishka that she makes a good pair with Rishi. Malishka says Lakshmi’s marriage is a hurdle. Saloni asks her to make Rishi understand and says for your marriage, you shall understand that lakshmi shall marry. Malishka asks why you are saying this? Saloni says you are only saying this, and says sorry. Malishka thinks she will get Lakshmi and Vikrant married. Saloni says they will benefit from Malishka’s anger.

Lakshmi tells her sisters that her heart never lies, and asks Ayush to take her to Rishi. Ayush says I really don’t know where is Bhai? Lakshmi asks him to find out and take her there, says it is necessary. Ayush says I understand. Lakshmi says you are not understanding and asks him to take her. Shalu and Bani tell Ayush that Di is not lying. Ayush says but I don’t know where he is. Lakshmi says she will go alone to search Rishi. Ayush says he will come, and tells that he knows that Rishi went to the temple. Pandit ji’s son takes the marriage register and runs. Rishi runs behind him and beats him with rod. He couldn’t see the girl’s face, and thinks it is enough that Vikrant is already married. Pandit ji comes there and asks his son if he is fine. Vikrant comes there, but doesn’t see him. Rishi asks Pandit ji to do work honestly, else God will punish him. Vikrant comes infront of his car and collides with a cycle rider. Rishi looks on. Lakshmi says we will check in every temple and will call Rishi from the way. She thinks of Neelam’s words. Rishi doesn’t see Vikrant and thinks finally he got the proofs in temple, and shall say thanks to God.

Vikrant comes inside the temple and prays to the Goddess. Rishi also prays to the Goddess and asks her to help him, and don’t let Lakshmi and Vikrant’s alliance happens. Vikrant and Rishi see each other. Rishi says you are here in temple and says you have dared to show your cheap face to Goddess, asks if he don’t feel ashamed. Vikrant says you saw evil in me, and says you are bad and that’s why you feel me same as you. Rishi says I thought you are genuine, but you are hiding truth from us, and was conspiring against Lakshmi. He says truth is God. Vikrant says I am truthful and you can’t prove me wrong. Rishi says you are mannerless also, along with bad. He says God gave me proof of your marriage. Vikrant says proof can be made by you and says you are lying and I am truthful. Rishi says even God saw your cheap act. Vikrant asks him to mind his tongue, else he can raise his hand on him. Rishi says this will never happen and says the evil ends here, shall I end you by raising my hand on you. Vikrant asks what you will get by doing this? He tries to defend himself. Rishi asks how much you will lie, I have proof that you are married in this temple, and says you are betraying your wife too, along with Lakshmi. Vikrant says you don’t have proof. Rishi says this is proof and shows to him. Vikrant says you made fake proofs so soon and throws it in aarti fire.

Lakshmi thinks she has to go to Rishi for him. Shalu says everyone will ask us, where we are going? Ayush says only Bhabhi and I will go. Shalu, bani and Neha tell that they will also come. Ayush says no. He says we shall tell everyone that we are going to temple for darshan. Shalu says you can go from back door also. Rishi picks the paper, but it is burnt. Vikrant says it is burnt infront of Goddess with her Deepak, so it is not truthful. Rishi asks him to start reverse countdown. Vikrant asks him to start his countdown as says he will not let him win. He takes kumkum and applies tilak to himself, says it is my victory’s tilak. Rishi cuts his finger with trishul and applies tilak to himself with his blood. He says I don’t care about victory or defeat, but cares for Lakshmi’s happiness. He says until I am alive and breathing, I will not let you marry. He says this is the promise infront of Goddess and not to you, and asks him to start reverse countdown.

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Anjana says haldi and mehendi are all planned now. Neelam asks her to tell if she has anything. Anjana praises them for loving Lakshmi and getting her married. Rano says Lakshmi is their daughter than my niece. Dadi asks Anjana about Saloni’s husband. Anjana says we argue with him daily and he tells that he will reach by marriage. She says Vikrant fought with him and asked him to come for his marriage. Saloni thinks to instigate Karishma and others against Rishi. She tells Karishma that the engagement happened, though Rishi accused him and says you will not get guy like Vikrant, and I can give this in written on stamp paper. Karishma assures her. Saloni asks if Rishi loves her and wants to marry her again. Malishka says she will not let this happen. Kiran says she is just telling. Saloni says I am telling about the possibility. Kiran and Malishka tell that Rishi loves her and Lakshmi has trapped him. Kiran asks Malishka to calm down. Karishma says Rishi will not do anything. Saloni says we know your family, but seeing Rishi, we are afraid. Karishma says we have decided so this marriage will happen. Saloni says I am assured, and says for Malishka’s marriage, Lakshmi and Vikrant’s marriage is necessary. Shalu, Bani and Neha go to kitchen and bring icecream for everyone. Shalu and Bani collide with each other to distract everyone, so that Lakshmi and Ayush can go from there. Rano scolds them for making costly icecream fallen down. Dadi says I will get it cleaned and calls Mukesh. Lakshmi and Ayush are leaving, when Neelam shouts asking Ayush to stop. She comes there and asks where you both are going? Ayush says to temple and says I thought we shall do darshan in temple after puja at home. Neelam says when puja is done, then what is the need to go to temple. Dadi asks them to go to temple. They leave. Neelam thinks she don’t trust them.

Vikrant wears sweater, mask, hoodie and gloves, and comes to a tempo parked on the side of road. He beats the tempo driver and then sits in the tempo, with the intention to kill Rishi with the tempo. Malishka says Rishi has crossed all limits and is not picking my call. She says he romance with me and cares for Lakshmi. Kiran asks her to control herself till marriage. Malishka says Rishi dances on Lakshmi’s tune and runs behind her. She says she gets hyper due to his behavior. Kiran asks her to calm down and says Neelam is there to handle him, and asks her not to hit axe on her feet.

Rishi is driving the car and thinks now everyone will believe me, and will not get Lakshmi marry Vikrant. Lakshmi and Ayush is searching Rishi. Lakshmi asks Ayush why he went to temple, if he got any proof. Ayush says yes, but he didn’t tell. Lakshmi prays to God to save Rishi. Ayush asks her not to worry and says Rishi Bhai will have proof in his hand. Vikrant sees Rishi’s car and hits it badly. Rishi’s car rolls over and he shouts Lakshmi. Lakshmi gets hurt and asks what you are doing Rishi. Ayush says sorry. Lakshmi senses something bad has happened. Heavily injured Rishi falls out a bit from the car.

Episode ends.