Bhagya Lakshmi 27th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Karishma tries to spoil Lakshmi’s prasad

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Bhagya Lakshmi 27th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Shalu telling Ayush that it is a good news, and tells that Lakshmi di will win. Bani asks what you will tell when Malishka lose? Ayush says that will be the surprise. Shalu asks him to ask her not to marry Rishi. Ayush says my Shalu, my batata aloo and asks her to enjoy tomorrow first. Shalu says our plan is cancelled as it is risky. Ayush says it is not cancelled and tells that they have to trap Malishka so that she never comes out of the trap. Shalu says then Malishka’s name will not be taken in that house. Bani says she wants to hear lullaby. Ayush says he will sing. Shalu asks him to sing song…He sings acha chalta hun..Shalu and Bani fall down to sleep.

Malishka comes to Rishi and asks if you love me or Lakshmi. Rishi recalls his confession. Malishka says you have praised Lakshmi again. Rishi says when you have done something then I have praised you also. Malishka says if any husband praise other woman then wife gets jealous. Rishi says wife shall understand. Malishka says she wants to prove that she is the best and asks if he will wants her to win or wants Lakshmi to win. Rishi says whoever makes good halwa will win. Malishka says you shall say that you want to see me winning, but you are lecturing me. She says after tomorrow, only my name will be taken and Lakshmi’s chapter will be closed. She goes out from there. She sees Lakshmi coming and comes to her. She says you act great and acts as being best, but you are best in bad things, best in cleverness, betrayal, conspiracy, lies, and selfish. She says you are best in separating two loved ones. Lakshmi says I am best in all these bad things according to you, and says if you want to become best in bad qualities. Malishka says shut up and says tomorrow you will know whose place is here in this house. Lakshmi says she don’t want to take place here, and says but I will not ruin my name. She says I do what I determine to do, like I saved you. Malishka says I am also like this, I had determined to get it and got him. She tells Lakshmi that her voice and her loved ones voice will be closed. Lakshmi says she never thought that people think her great and says my happiness lies in my family’s happiness. She says if you think of family first then even your loved ones will increase. She asks her not to win to make her defeat, but to win the family members’ love. She says if you think that you will make me lose, then I will never lose. She says tomorrow is the day of your respect and place in the house.

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Malishka gets angry and goes to a room, and says tomorrow will decide my place and respect in this house. She says I will be waiting for tomorrow now.

Lakshmi comes to her room and wipes her hair. The water splashes on Rishi’s face, and he tells that he was missing Monsoon, and asks her to do it again. She turns and sees Rishi not there.

Lakshmi comes to the kitchen. Malishka is there. Rishi gives her semolina jar. He asks Lakshmi if she needs his help. Karishma comes there and says nobody shall help. She says all the best to Malishka. Rishi says this is not fair. Karishma and Rishi go from there. Malishka takes Semolina first and put it in the kadai. Lakshmi also keeps it. Malishka takes oil/ghee and put it fully. She says sorry. Lakshmi takes the pouch and puts ghee in the kadai. Malishka thinks today her color will vanish from her face.

Shalu and bani ask Neha where is Chachi? Neha says she went out. She asks how is she looking? Bani murmurs monkey. Neha says she has applied oil on her face, hands and hair. Shalu says we will play with gulaal. Rano brings sweets for oberoi. Shalu says you did right. Bani asks did you take what we wanted to take. Shalu says yes.

Lakshmi and Malishka look at each other. Malishka asks if she is scared that prasad will be good. She tells Lakshmi that Neelam told her how to make it, though she knows already and now she will win. Lakshmi looks on. Karishma tells Sonia that everyone knows that Lakshmi makes tasty food. Sonia says whatever she makes, becomes delicious. She says malishka hits axe on her own feet. Karishma says we have to do something, else we will also lose with her.

Neelam and Virender do the Abhishek of Gods. Pandit ji says now the placement shall be done. Lakshmi adds less sugar for Dadi. Malishka is about to taste it, but Lakshmi stops her and says it can’t be tasted without offering to God. Malishka says I will win, I know. Lakshmi says if you have made for God, then it will be good. Malishka says your lecture will be useful, when you lose outside. Mukesh comes there and says Dadi called you both. Lakshmi goes. Malishka looks at Lakshmi’s prasad, it looks perfect, but I will win. Lakshmi comes out and sits with Dadi. Karishma comes to kitchen and adds sugar to Lakshmi’s prasad. She says today Lakshmi will lose, and says Malishka has made prasad and it will be good. She says after today, Lakshmi’s name will not be taken at home. She goes out and sit for puja. Shalu, Bani comes there with Rano and Neha. Ayush gets happy to see them.

Episode ends.