Bhagya Lakshmi 25th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Rishi and Ayush search proofs in Vikrant’s house


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The Episode starts with Neha asking Lakshmi if she loves Rishi. Lakshmi says you are not saying right and also at the wrong time. Shalu asks why you are scolding her as she said right. Lakshmi goes from there. Rani asks Karishma if Vikrant and his family are coming. Karishma says when we have called you, then would have called them too. Rano says you would have replied straightly. Rishi asks why did you invite Vikrant and tells that the puja is for Lakshmi and her goodness, and I don’t want any negative person around her at that time. Neelam asks Rishi to go from there. Rano asks Neelam if Rishi is negative and wants to ruin Lakshmi’s happiness. Lakshmi says he wants to ruin everyone’s happiness. Rishi asks what you are saying? Lakshmi says I am saying truth. Neelam asks Rishi to go and asks him not to return home until the puja is done. Vikrant, Saloni and their family come there. Vikrant sees Rishi going and asks if everything is fine. Rishi goes from there. Vikrant asks Lakshmi if Rishi don’t want me to be here. Karishma says it is not like that. Vikrant says don’t know what has happened to Rishi, I hope his misunderstanding is cleared and we become friends again. Rano asks why Puneet didn’t come. Anjana says we went to orphanage for work. Ayush says Vikrant is betraying my Bhabhi. Neha keeps hand on Ayush’s eyes. He couldn’t identify her. Shalu gets upset with Neha. Bani says they shall concentrate on their mission. They come downstairs. Ayush asks Shalu to enquire with Rano where is Rishi Bhai?

Shalu comes to Rano and asks did you see Jiju? Rano tells her everything. Shalu says di didn’t support jiju, what has happened to her. She comes to Ayush and says Neelam aunty asked Jiju to stay away from here. Ayush says Rishi Bhai has done this intentionally, so that he can do the work. He says Mami sent him, Rishi Bhai is smart, now he can go and do his work. Rishi comes out and smiles. He says Vikrant…you act and I used your trick and did some acting. He says now I will go to your house. He is about to sit in the house, Ayush comes there and he will come with him. Rishi asks what excuse you have said. Ayush says I said that what I will do here, when Rishi Bhai is not here, then Mom asked me to leave too.

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They come to Vikrant’s house. Vikrant and Saloni look at each other during the puja. The maid stops Ayush and asks who is he? Ayush says he has come to do renovation, and pretends to call to Vikrant, actually calls Rishi and tells that his maid is stopping him. Rishi talks to Maid and asks her to let him do the work. She says the voice seems to be different. Ayush makes an excuse and tells that he came with his brother. They ask maid to make tea and juice and go to search proof in the rooms.

Rishi thinks he wants documents related to Vikrant’s marriage as he made that girl wear mangalsutra, and checks in the cupboard. Ayush also searches for the proofs. Rishi thinks to check in some other room. He doesn’t see Saloni and Vikrant’s pic on the floor. Vikrant tells Virender tells Rishi should have been here, being the son of the house. Karishma says this puja is for Lakshmi, so she shall be here. Malishka says Neelam aunty sent him from here. Vikrant says so Rishi is still doubtful. The Maid thinks to call Vikrant and asks him to make new kitchen. Rishi comes to Anjana and Puneet’s room. Ayush is searching proofs too. The maid puts juice in the glass and then puts tea in the cup. Neha tells that Ayush and Rishi have gone to Vikrant’s house to find proofs. Shalu and Bani ask her to talk in low tone. Ayush thinks there is no proof of marriage, so may be he made her wear just like that, without marriage. Ayush checks the bag and the tea cup falls down and breaks. The tea goes under the table, where Vikrant and Saloni’s pic is there.

: Shalu calls Ayush and asks if they got the proof. Ayush says yes, he got the proof. Vikrant comes to know from the maid that his friends have come here. He tells Saloni that Rishi and Ayush went to their house.