Bhagya Lakshmi 25th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Rishi seeks Mayur’s help to expose Vikrant


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The Episode starts with vikrant thinking what to do? Saloni calls him and tells that Mayur will not go so soon, as he has come here for puja. He says Pandit ji said that he will first do our puja and then Mayur’s pooja. Vikrant says then we have to leave Milne’s puja and shall do the marriage directly. Saloni asks what? Vikrant asks her to tell that he went to give blood to his friend. He asks Saloni to handle and leave from there, hiding from Mayur. He says this marriage shall happen, later on if gets exposed then nothing will happen. Shalu says if the puja is happening inside. She says we shall pray that this marriage shall not happen. Ayush prays to God with them that the marriage shall not happen. Karishma asks Anjana when we will go home and get ready for marriage. She says time is running fast. Anjana says even I am stuck here with you. Saloni comes there and tells that vikrant can’t come, and tells that he has given his blood to save someone. Karishma says she don’t know what is happening? Anjana says even she doesn’t understand and tells that he would have sent someone else. Saloni says he would have tried to arrange blood, but couldn’t have managed, so went. Dadi tells that this puja is done for God’s blessings and tells that it is a sign if the right thing have happened. Anjana asks Saloni why Vikrant went? Saloni tells that someone knowing them, is here and that’s why vikrant has to leave. Anjana says Dadi said that it is a sign and that their Jodi is not blessed by God. They all are about to leave. Ayush and others ask what happened? Karishma tells that Vikrant has left, so puja couldn’t happen. Shalu, Bani and Ayush are happy. Karishma says we shall leave, and tells that Rishi must have left. Bani says it is a sign that Vikrant run away. Shalu tells Lakshmi that her Jodi is not meant to be with Vikrant. Karishma asks Lakshmi to take God’s blessings. Malishka says how many times she will take, and says if we have not stopped then she would have completed puja with Rishi.

Mayur calls his parents and asks them to come fast, so that he can pressurize Pandit ji to do puja fast. Rishi comes there and asks if he knows vikrant? Mayur says Vikrant? Rishi says he had collided with you, and hid from you, as if he will get exposed. Mayur looks for him and tells that surely he must be Vikrant. Ayush calls Rishi and tells that they are leaving as the puja is cancelled, as Vikrant left. He asks Rishi to come. Rishi asks them to go and says he has some work. He then tells Mayur that Puja is cancelled, which Vikrant had kept. He says Vikrant might be scared seeing you and that’s why he ran away from here. He shows Vikrant’s photo to Mayur after giving his intro, and tells that he is marrying my relative. Mayur says this can’t happen, as he is already married. Rishi hugs him. Mayur asks if Vikrant divorced his first wife. He tells that he has his marriage photo which is at home. Rishi asks him to take him there. Mayur says he can’t go without getting his parents’ anniversary puja. Rishi tells that it is very important for him. Mayur says he will go home after puja. Rishi says ok and asks him to call his parents urgently for puja. He says now he will stop Vikrant’s marriage. Mayur says even he wants to take revenge on Vikrant.

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Anjana and Saloni are in the car. Vikrant calls them and asks if anyone said something. Anjana says everyone is good, and that’s why nobody said anything. Vikrant says Ayush and Rishi are not good. He thinks he will play Rishi’s band once the marriage is done. Rishi asks Mayur to give his number. Mayur calls on his number from Rishi’s number, and says he will call him after the puja. Rishi thinks God is with him and he will stop the marriage, as he is bounded by the swear.

Everyone comes home. Karishma asks her not to worry, as rasam haven’t happened? Neelam tells that she doesn’t care as the rasam haven’t happened. She says vikrant should have told why he does this. She says she don’t care if Vikrant takes Lakshmi from here without marriage. Dadi asks why she is getting mehendi, sangeet and other rituals done. Neelam says for Rishi and Virender, who cares for Lakshmi. Dadi asks them to think good about Lakshmi now, as she will be leaving. Ayush says they always think her wrong. Karishma tells that Lakshmi is inauspicious and our house is ruined because of her. Neelam says that inauspicious girl shall leave from here. Bani and Shalu tell Lakshmi that it is a sign that her marriage will not happen with Vikrant. Neelam tells that Milne ki rasam haven’t happened, and I don’t want any hurdles to come in the marriage. Malishka tells her that Lakshmi’s marriage will happen, and says Rishi had tried to stop her engagement, but it had happened. She says my love will let this marriage happen, as it is needed for my marriage. Lakshmi thinks of Pandit ji’s words, as Shalu and Bani ask her to refuse for marriage. Dadi tells that today the rasam haven’t happened, and says if the marriage is not destined then the baraat will return. She says this is the sign that this marriage will not happen. Neelam says you are talking like Rishi, and says you come in his talks. Dadi says he is dear to you also. She tells her that she has made this house, and asks Neelam to think what she has been doing, by saying all that. Neelam says you are blaming me. Karishma says elders shall value others. Shalu and Bani ask Lakshmi if she is going to do something to stop the marriage. Karishma tells Dadi that they shall think that the marriage will happen, as the mehendi and sangeet have happened. Ayush says milne rasam of Rishi and Lakshmi have happened, and tells that it is a sign that they will marry. Malishka gets angry. Karishma scolds him. Lakshmi asks her sisters to get ready for her marriage.

Precap: Karishma asks Lakshmi if she is going to do something again. Malishka asks Lakshmi to leave for Rishi. Rishi gets shocked to see Saloni’s photo with Vikrant, and says Saloni.