Bhagya Lakshmi 25th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Shalu runs from the mandap

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The Episode starts with Rishi going and the goon comes behind him to hit him. Rishi hits the goon. The goon looks at Malishka. Rishi says if you see her then I will kill you. Malishka takes a rod and calls Rishi, but throws it near the goon. The goon catches it and hits Rishi before he could do anything. Rishi faints. She says I am sorry Rishi, and thinks if Rishi found out about me. The neighbor sees Kamli unconscious on the floor and makes her get up. She says you are pregnant and shall take care. She gives her medicine and asks her to take care of herself and baby. She goes. Kamli thinks she can’t take rest and shall go. Pandit ji is reading the mantras. Balwinder asks him to hurry up and say that the marriage is done. Pandit ji refuses to get the marriage done. Rano says Ballu is excited to get married. Pandit ji says if he is so excited then get the court marriage done. Dadi says it is good that Pandit went. Neelam says if one Pandit leaves, then other will come, but marriage will happen. Pandit ji tries to leave. Balwinder’s friends come infront of him. Pandit ji asks if they will beat him. Rano comes infront of him and asks him to get the marriage done, as it is the matter of lakhs for her. Everyone looks at her. She then says she means one in lakhs daughter. Pandit ji says ok. Rano comes to Balwinder and asks him to say sorry to Pandit ji, if he wants Lakshmi or not. Balwinder says sorry and says he will hear whatever mantra he will read. He wears the sehra. Shalu thinks what to do?

Lakshmi gains consciousness in Ahana’s car and tries to get out. Ahana stops the car and says you will fall down Bhabhi. Lakshmi says she has to go to marriage. Ahana says I have to bring you in the senses else you can do anything. She sprinkles water on her face and makes her drink water. Lakshmi comes to her senses. Ahana asks if someone gave you any medicine. Lakshmi recalls Ayush spraying on her nose. She says she wants to go back to marriage hall. Ahana says why you want to go there, someone is marrying Balwinder there. Lakshmi thinks Bani is marrying Balwinder there and sits on the driver’s seat. Ahana also sits beside her. Lakshmi says she has to go back, as it is the matter of her sister’s life and someone else life too. Ahana thinks Rishi and others couldn’t see what they lost.

Ayush cries recalling his moments with Bani and asks her to go inside. Bani says may be this is Di’s destiny. Ayush says if I could write then would have written just happiness in her life.

Sonal wonders where is Malishka? Kiran comes there and asks where is Malishka? Sonal says Malishka went for some work. Karishma says even Rishi is not in the room. Kiran asks if they went together. Karishma goes. Kiran asks Sonal to tell her, and says she doesn’t want Malishka to do anything wrong, that stop Rishi and her marriage. Sonal says Malishka will not do anything which will hinder in their marriage. Pandit ji asks someone to tie the ghatbandhan. Shalu gets up and runs. Balwinder and Rano try to stop her. Balwinder asks his friends to hold her. Dadi says Lakshmi run. Virender says he is the first father of the world, who is happy to see daughter eloping. Neelam says if Lakshmi can do such a thing.

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Malishka gives money to the goons. The goon asks her to call them when there is some work for them. Malishka asks them to tie her hands and feet and leave. They tie her hands and feet and leave. Malishka tells unconscious Rishi that she has to do the wrong things, as he doesn’t agree. She says I asked them to make you unconscious, but you didn’t agree and was badly beaten up. She says what is in that Lakshmi that you couldn’t see my happiness infront of Lakshmi’s happiness and that’s why I have to think about my own happiness. She says I have heard Ayush and your conversation, he was provoking you to stop the wedding. She says you refused to his sayings, and I was afraid that you went to stop her wedding. A fb is shown, Malishka asks Mukesh, who tells that Rishi went out. Sonal says he went to stop Lakshmi’s marriage. Malishka says she is sure as Ayush provoked her. Sonal asks her to do something. Malishka says Neelam aunty will handle him. She then says nobody can stop Rishi and thinks of the plan. Fb ends. She tells that it was her plan to make him unconscious, so that he can’t stop Lakshmi’s marriage and that cheapo Lakshmi can never return in your life.

Sheila Chachi tells that she can’t catch Lakshmi. Rano runs behind her. Balwinder asks Rano what is this drama, you said that Lakshmi has agreed. Rano says she had agreed and didn’t listen to Rishi, and called Virender and Neelam for kanyadaan, where you was a Servant. Balwinder asks why is she saying this. Neelam thinks you have proved that there is no value of your tongue. Malishka sees Ahana in the car, but doesn’t see Lakshmi. She pretends to kiss Rishi, so that Ahana doesn’t see Rishi. She wonders with whom Ahana was going. Shalu is still running. Dadi and Virender says why nobody is not letting her elope. Kamli comes outside the venue and hides waiting for Lakshmi’s call. Rano gets tired and thinks where is Neha? She thinks she might be taking selfie somewhere. She thinks if Lakshmi doesn’t marry then I will make her commit suicide. Ayush and Bani hear and are coming inside. Shalu gets tired and sits. She thinks God shall send help. Lakshmi reaches the venue in the car with Ahana. Ahana asks her not to go. Lakshmi asks her to come and says we have to live for our family. She sees Kamli hiding and signs her not to say anything. Kamli prays to God that Balwinder and her marriage shall done today, then he will not trouble Lakshmi, she is so good. She says she will make Balwinder understand not to trouble her. Virender tells Dadi that they will help Lakshmi elope. Ayush comes there and says we will take Lakshmi with us. Dadi and Virender bless Ayush. Balwinder and his friends come to Shalu. Ayush and Bani come to her. Shalu scolds Ayush and says she is tired of running away. Ayush tells Bani that Lakshmi’s voice is like Shalu. Balwinder hits Ayush. Shalu shouts Ayush. Dadi and Virender feel proud of him. Balwinder holds Shalu’s hand and asks Pandit ji to start the marriage again. Lakshmi comes there and asks them to stop. Everyone gets shocked to see Lakshmi there.

Precap will be added later.