Bhagya Lakshmi 24th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Malishka gets an idea to harm Lakshmi


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The Episode starts with Lakshmi telling Rishi that mischievous boys name are Chintu, Minto etc. Rishi recalls Lakshmi saying that he is like Minto. Ayush tells Malishka that he will do a favor on her and will drop her to her house, and asks her not to return here again. Karishma comes there and asks what is wrong with him. Ayush says Malishka told Bhabhi about the fast. Karishma tells that it is good that Malishka told, and that’s why she has kept fast. She says Neelam Bhabhi and I have regarded Malishka as our daughter and asks him not to repeat this again. Malishka tells Karishma that she wanted Rishi’s long life and that’s why told about the fast. Karishma says situation has changed, Rishi got married to Lakshmi, though we tried to get him married to you. Malishka tells that Rishi might not be in her destiny and says she will leave. Karishma apologizes to her. Malishka says she regards them as her family and that’s why she comes here. She thinks they didn’t do anything for her, and took 360 degrees turn. She thinks she has to do something herself.

Lakshmi tells Rishi that she will call him Minto. He says no. Lakshmi says she will call him Minto only. He asks her to sleep. Lakshmi asks him to be with her, and says they come to catch me, I am scared. Rishi says I am with you. Lakshmi says if this is your room, then throw them out. Rishi says this is not my house. Lakshmi says then we shall go somewhere else. Rishi says we can’t leave the house. He keeps hand on her head. Lakshmi says Bau ji also does like this.

Rano asks Shalu and Bani, how is Lakshmi? She says she was afraid what Neelam would do, but she has accepted Lakshmi. Ayush says when she gets fine then she will identify us. He says atleast she identifies Rishi Bhai. Bani says Di has completed the fast with all the rituals. Rano gets happy and says there is hope that she will be fine. Ayush says yes, and says they will go. Rano goes to sleep. Shalu and Bani hope that Di shall be fine. Rishi sees Lakshmi sleeping and comes out of the room. He comes to the terrace and looks at the Moon. He says God…I asked you for lakshmi and my happiness, and asks him to make her fine, if he wants then take his test, but make her fine. Virender comes there and asks if he is fine. Rishi says yes. Virender asks about Lakshmi. Rishi says Lakshmi slept, and said that she had eaten much money. He says she loves me a lot. Virender says she regards you as hers. Rishi says she doesn’t know who am I, but still she kept fast for him. He asks if there is some fast, which if I keep then Lakshmi will be fine. He says he can’t see Lakshmi like this. Virender hugs him and says we tell our pain to you, and you hide your pain, and asks him to vent out his pain, and says I know that you must be alone here, so that’s why I came here. He says this is life, troubles come and goes.

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Virener telling Rishi that the troubles come and go, and says you have seen me. He says you are the only one for her and asks him not to lose his courage. He says Lakshmi doesnt talk to us, and is scared of us, and she just talks to you. He asks him not to lose his courage. Rishi says I will make Lakshmi fine. Virender says you both are made for each other and is sanjeevani for each other, and you both can defeat death also. He says Lakshmi will be fine. Rishi says I will make her fine with family’s help.

Malishka comes to her home angrily and crying and tells that Lakshmi’s puppet had asked her to leave. She says if I had married Rishi then would have thrown Ayush first. Kiran says Ayush is also a family member and says Karishma likes you, but she will support her son. Malishka tells that she will never let Lakshmi fine and she will get Rishi. Lakshmi wakes up and calls Mintu. She gets up scared. Virender tells Rishi that he shall make fear goes out of Lakshmi’s heart for everyone, and then only she can trust us. Lakshmi hides under the bed being afraid. Rishi comes to the room and finds Lakshmi missing. He looks everywhere in the room and finds her dupatta peeping out from under the bed. He lies down under the bed and asks why you got scared. Lakshmi asks him to come out. Rishi comes out. He asks why you are scared? She says everyone is after me, what to do? Rishi says you have beaten everyone that day. Hs says they are his family and I am your P…She asks what? He says Pyaara dost. She understands. Lakshmi asks him to lie down on the bed with her. Rishi says he will sleep on the sofa. Lakshmi insists. Rishi lies down on the bed. Lakshmi holds his finger.

Sonal tells Malishka that she has sent the truck owner out of the city and gave him money. She asks what is in her mind. Malishka tells that she has thought something due to which Lakshmi will never be fine. Lakshmi searches for her school uniform and bag, and throws Rishi’s clothes on him. She then calls Minto and searches him. She goes out of the room searching for Rishi and collides with Mukesh. The crackers box falls down from his hand. Lakshmi gets scared. She then sees the crackers and picks it. He says it is a chain of crackers. Lakshmi wears the crackers/phooljadi. Malishka looks at her angrily and this mad girl is thinking crackers as garland. Lakshmi gets scared seeing her and runs from there. Malishka thinks she thinks to make Diwali special for herself.

Precap: Rishi makes Lakshmi befriend Dadi, Shalu and Bani. He tells Ayush about it. Later Karishma raises her hand to slap Lakshmi and someone holds her hand (May be Malishka to befriend Lakshmi for her evil plan). Rishi shouts Bua.