Bhagya Lakshmi 24th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Shalu is humiliated by Malishka and Oberois

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The Episode starts with Malishka coming home and says you people started dinner, I will come in 5 mins. Rishi asks from where you are coming? Malishka asks why you are asking, as you never ask. Rishi says you shouldn’t have gone there. Malishka says I had gone to Lakshmi to scold her, as my mother is in this condition because of her. She says I knew that you will not do anything so I will do. Rishi asks if you are hearing what you are saying and says a person shall not cross their limits, and I don’t need anyone’s permissions to do anything. Aanchal takes Malishka’s side and says she didn’t do anything wrong and haven’t crossed her limits. Rishi says you don’t know Lakshmi and my relation, but Mom knows. Neelam says you are not my son who is sitting here and tells that she wishes to have the same son who cared for her more than himself. Rishi says I am your same son. Dadi asks Neelam not to accuse Rishi and says if he falls then he will handle himself. She says let me say, I am your mother in law and mother too. Neelam says you are calling me as daughter, but when that incident happened with your son, you was ready to throw Lakshmi out. Rishi asks her not to hurt Dadi. Neelam says that bad time was a dangerous nightmare for me, I have shedded blood tears, my husband is away from me. Rishi says Mom, I am sorry, don’t cry.

Door bell rings, Anushka opens the door and sees Shalu. She asks what you are doing here. Shalu gets inside and says I have come to meet the person who has filed complaint against Paro. Aanchal says you should have enquired in the PS. She says I have filed the complaint and even Rishi. Rishi says I…Malishka doesn’t let him say and asks Rishi to tell her that he got angry seeing Mom’s condition and filed the complaint. Rishi says I didn’t do, I don’t remember. Karishma says just like you didn’t remember that you have tracker in your phone. Malishka smiles. Rishi says if I had kept the tracker then I would have known. Shalu says your name is in the FIR and Police reached there using your tracker. She says don’t know what to do, if I shall curse myself to trust you. She says I always thought that you will support di. Rishi says I supported her. Shalu says it was an accident or planned by someone, and Paro didn’t do anything. She says di lied in the court to save me and Paro.

Aanchal asks if you are thinking this house as court and yourself as lawyer and asks her to go to court. Karishma says if they believe you then will leave your sister. Aanchal says leave from here, we have to do dinner. Shalu says I can’t have any hopes from you. Neelam asks her to leave and asks if you haev shown your cheap values to us, then leave. Shalu tells Dadi that she wishes that they would have learnt values from her. Aanchal says you are taunting my sister. Shalu tells that she feels proud of her values. Karishma asks her to shut up. Ayush says Mom, Please don’t drag the matter. Karishma says she has no manners and etiquette.

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Rishi asks Shalu to go home and says everyone is angry here. Shalu says they are angry and asks if you don’t understand that my sister is in jail. She asks what happened to you, jiju. She says you are not my jiju, if you had supported her, then would have taken back the case. She says who knows Di better than you, and says she is in jail as she took the blame on herself, to save her daughter. Malishka comes infront of Rishi and says we all know her conspiracies and tricks, and says Rishi will not save her, as he can’t do anything. She says your sister accepted to have killed my mother, and says only Neelam Mom can take back the complaint, and asks her to ask her if she wants to take back the case. Neelam says don’t dare to ask and tells that she will not take back the case. Malishka threatens to call Police to get her arrested. Anushka says it seems you both sisters want to stay in jail.

Dadi asks Shalu to go from there and says until when you will listen, we will get the sin on our heads. Shalu says I will go from here Dadi, Inspector told that this is the own way to take out Di from the lock up, and says I used to call her lucky for marrying in this house, but now I tell that she is very unlucky. She goes. Rishi gets teary eyes and goes inside.

Rishi recalls Shalu’s words and gets shattered and cries. He says God….what you are doing, you knows well what Lakshmi means to me, what I feel for her, then why you are doing this with her. He breaks down and cries. Ayush comes there. Rishi says I didn’t do anything and asks him to say what is his mistake? He says things just ruins when he thinks that everything will be fine. Lakshmi is in the lock up. The lady in the lock up asks her why she is giving mixed reactions, sometimes you are happy and sometimes you are sad. Lakshmi says she has seen life very closely. The lady asks what you will suggest? Lakshmi says never love anyone.

Rishi tells Ayush that Lakshmi was looking in his eyes and it seems like we shall be together, and I felt that she wanted to tell me something, as if she was about to tell me, that Paro is my daughter. Ayush says why did you feel this? Rishi says I really felt. He tells that I used to tell that I will not let any trouble come in Paro’s life, but I myself became a big trouble. He says I want to talk to her, but she wanted me not to trouble her. Ayush asks him to listen to his heart and do whatever he wants to, but legally. He says don’t listen to anyone, your brother is with you. Lakshmi says love is a curse, there is no peace, but has just pain.

Precap: Malishka tells Anushka that the DNA report was positive but when it came home, it came negative. Ayush takes Paro and Lakshmi’s hair sample.