Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Lakshmi forces Rishi to marry Malishka

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The Episode starts with Lakshmi saying this thing shall happen. Her innerself says I am happy that you have heard me and listened to your heart. She asks her to be happy, keep smiling and don’t lose. Lakshmi says I will be happy. Her innerself asks her to smile. Pandit ji thinks he should not come in Ayush’s talks and thinks to take out the mahurat. Malishka asks Neelam to call Guru ji. Rishi comes there and thinks to convey his feelings to everyone. Malishka says Rishi, it is good that you came, but Pandit ji is taking so much time and spoiling my mood. Lakshmi thinks if Rishi went to tell everyone. Rishi says I want to tell you all and wants everyone to understand too. Karishma says Panditji is taking out mahurat for malishka and your wedding date. Rishi asks Pandit ji to stop and says he wants to say something important. Lakshmi collides with the side table, and still runs to stop Rishi. Rishi says what I want to tell that I love Lakshmi. Everyone gets up shockingly. Malishka asks him to say again. Rishi says you heard me, I love Lakshmi. Malishka asks him to shut up and says you love me, Malishka and not Lakshmi and will love me for all births. Karishma asks have you gone mad? Kiran asks if you are in your senses. Neelam slaps him and asks if joke is happening here. She says Pandit ji is taking out the mahurat for your marriage, and asks why you moved ahead with her. She says this is Lakshmi’s conspiracy, if you say it again then I will throw you out from here. Dadi says you should have thought this before. It is his imagination.

Lakshmi comes there. Rishi says I want to tell you something. Malishka asks him to say fast. Lakshmi comes there, holds his hand and takes him from there. Malishka says how dare she? Kiran asks her not to spoil her mood and says this drama will not work. Karishma says there is nothing in Lakshmi’s heart else she wouldn’t have taken Rishi from here. Malishka says everyone saw what she did in the party. Neelam asks her not to talk nonsense.

Lakshmi takes Rishi to his room and locks the door. She asks what you was going to tell that you love me? He says yes. She asks him to tell himself whom he loves, and says you don’t love me. Rishi says I love you. Lakshmi says you love Malishka and asks him not to confuse himself and also not her. She says you love Malishka only and says you might be angry with her that she didn’t save you, but she tried. Rishi says you saved me. Lakshmi says it was my destiny. She says you are really good and is like a child. She says just like a child goes to his father when his mother scolds him, but later in the night the child goes back to his mother, likewise you will go to Malishka. Rishi says I am not confused now, and know that I love just you. He says how can I love both, I just love you and it was my misunderstanding that I love Malishka. Lakshmi says you love just Malishka and is marrying her. He asks why you are forcing me to marry Malishka. Lakshmi says we have moved on, and says I am also going to marry someone else. Rishi says I will change everything. Lakshmi asks if Malishka’s dreams will stop, did you think what will happen with her, what she will feel. She says I will not let injustice happen with other woman, I can’t forgive myself and says if you don’t marry malishka, then everyone will be hurt, and you can’t forgive yourself. She says people run away and marry, but sometimes the family don’t accept. She says what is important is love, and says you love Malishka, and today what you told me, you will not tell anyone.

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Rishi says I will not give any swear. Lakshmi says I will not talk to you, and you will lose even our friendship. He promises her. Matchmaker knocks on the door and tells that she saw an alliance for her, and the guy’s mother wants to talk to you. Lakshmi goes with her.

Matchmaker says he saw the mahurat. Rishi comes and asks when is the mahurat? Malishka asks why Lakshmi took you upstairs. Rishi says to set our lives. Malishka asks why you stopped Pandit ji. Rishi says he has planned destination wedding, and that’s why wanted delayed mahurat, but now I am ready you at any time, as Lakshmi taught me to think about our family first than for our own happiness. Malishka says you are agreeing for marriage on Lakshmi’s sayings. He says you have also said. Malishka says really and hugs him.

Pandit ji tells that 1st of next month. Karishma says we have less time. Neelam thanks Pandit ji and tells Rishi that her happiness will increase seeing Malishka and his grah pravesh. Rishi says I will fulfill your wishes. He goes from there.

Lakshmi talks to the groom’s mother, who likes her on the call. She tells that her teerat yatra is successful since she found her. The matchmaker says she will give the good news to everyone. Rishi comes to his room, and thinks I wish I can change my past and reality. He says Dad is right, I don’t deserve Lakshmi, she shall get good person. He thinks I wish I could have felt this before. Lakshmi thinks I wish you would have realized this before and thinks this might be Lakshmi Bhagya. She cries.

Neelam and Kiran give money to Pandit ji. Malishka thanks Kiran. She tells that we shall get destination wedding like Rishi wants. Karishma says Malishka wants as Rishi wants. Kiran says Malishka regards Rishi as her husband since long. Neelam says all problems will end with holika dahan. She asks Kiran if all her complains will end now. Kiran says sorry. Neelam says Malishka is my daughter too. Karishma asks Neelam and Kiran to congratulate each other. They hug and congratulate each other. Neelam tells that everything happened as I wished and says we will celebrate holi and will start the marriage preparation. She asks malishka to go for holika dahan in the night. Malishka says she will go. Pandit ji comes out. Ayush asks what did you do? Pandit ji says they were about talk to Guru ji, and tells that my respect and pride would have gone. He asks him not to worry and says I didn’t tell anyone about you. He then blesses him and goes. Ayush says the family shall know who actually love each other. Malishka asks Karishma about lakshmi’s marriage. Karishma says it will happen. Matchmaker comes there and tells that lakshmi’s alliance will be fixed just as the groom’s mother returns from teerat yatra, and tells that she liked Lakshmi a lot.

Episode ends.