Bhagya Lakshmi 21st August 2023 Written Episode Update: Rishi confesses his love to Lakshmi


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The Episode starts with Rishi meeting with an accident as the auto driver turns the auto to save the lady on the road. Lakshmi gets down from the car seeing the accident, and then she sees Rishi’s car. Rishi comes out of the car and says you are here. The auto driver apologizes and tells that he will take him to hospital. Rishi asks him not to worry about him. Lakshmi gives money to the auto driver and says she knows him and will take him. He asks why did you go out without telling anyone and says that’s why I came out to take you back. Lakshmi says you have answer for everything. He feels pain. She asks him to sit and says she will drive. Rishi asks if she knows to drive the car. Lakshmi says yes. She thinks where to take him, to his house or Chachi’s house, as she starts driving. Malishka gets angry and is about to glass of the dressing table. Kiran stops her. Malishka says Rishi has gone mad and runs behind lower middle class girl. She asks if he loves Lakshmi. Kiran says he can’t love Lakshmi and will not do, and says he just loves you since many years, and asks her to relax.

Shalu calls Ayush and asks why you didn’t call. She says she is worried that Jiju didn’t come till now. Ayush asks if Rishi bhai came there, and says he is coming to take Bhabhi. Shalu gets happy and tells Bani. Bani asks really? Ayush asks why will I lie? He asks where is Bhabhi? Shalu says she went to search job. Ayush asks why she went.

Kiran asks Malishka to drink water and says you are over thinking. Malishka says Rishi went to bring Lakshmi, and tells that if she returns. Kiran says she will not return. Malishka says why did he go behind her, when I am here, and says he loves me, and I dance on his tune, but why does he dance on Lakshmi’s tune. Bani says it is upto Jiju to convince Di. Ayush says they are made for each other a lot and says he will convince her.

Malishka says I love him and that’s why I want to be with him, but he wants Lakshmi to be with him, and says this means that he loves Lakshmi. Shalu says all the world know this, but they don’t know. Ayush says who knows that it is God’s plan. Shalu says we shall make them realize this. Ayush asks her to pray to baba ji. Shalu and Bani are happy. Kiran says if Rishi loves Lakshmi then he would have married her, and wouldn’t have let her marry someone else. She says he only loves you and you are in his heart, he got trapped in Lakshmi’s cleverness. Malishka says I hope this is truth and cries.

Bani asks Shalu to call Di and asks her to come home, but don’t tell that Jiju is coming here. Shalu calls Lakshmi, but her phone is switched off. She says Di doesn’t keep her phone off and says may be her battery is down.

Karishma tells Neelam that Lakshmi like girls can defeat big and clever people, and says she acted to leave that Mom stopped her, and then she left home and dragged Rishi behind her, and we thought that everything is going to be fine, but our prince went behind her to bring her back and says how can Rishi be so foolish, he is running a big business empire, but he dance on Lakshmi’s tune. She says I don’t know what Lakshmi did with him, and asks if he brings her back then? She says Lakshmi will not refuse him and will tell us that Rishi brought her here forcibly, and says she will hide behind Rishi and will make him as her shield. Neelam says Lakshmi will not come here, as the doors of this house are closed for her. She says if Rishi doesn’t agree to my sayings then I will leave this house this time.

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Malishka is crying still. Kiran asks her not to torture herself and asks her not to cry. Neelam comes there. Kiran tells that since she brought Lakshmi here, Malishka’s life has become hell. She says I am not blaming you, but you had brought her here. Neelam tells that she will not let Lakshmi return and tells Malishka that she will not let Rishi leave her, and asks her to trust her. She says you are my daughter and dear to me, and says I will not let Lakshmi come near you both, and will not let her come in the house.

Ayush looks at the family photo and says family photo is incomplete without Bhabhi. He says until you are there, you will not let her go away, and says that’s why I love you, you are great and Bhabhi is super great, and says lots of love and hugs to you both. He asks himself to work.

Dadi is thinking about Lakshmi. Virender comes there and sits. He says what Lakshmi has done. Dadi says even I am in trauma, and says Lakshmi has gone, now there is no means of the talks. Virender says we shall search way to bring her back. Dadi says there might be many reasons for her decision. He asks where is Rishi? Dadi says just as Rishi came to know, he went to bring Lakshmi back. Virender says I don’t feel that she will return. Dadi asks him to lie atleast to keep her heart. Dadi says lets see if Rishi comes alone or brings her back.

Lakshmi is driving the car and asks Rishi to sleep. Rishi is semi conscious. Lakshmi thinks Rishi didn’t question me, where I am taking him. Ayush talks to the manager about the meeting. Lakshmi thinks where to take him? Rishi keeps his head on Lakshmi’s shoulder in unconscious state, and says Lakshmi….I love you, why did you leave me, I was good to me. Karishma thinks if Rishi brings Lakshmi back, then Bhabhi will leave the house, I shall tell this to him. Lakshmi thinks she understood where to take Rishi. Karishma calls Rishi. Rishi opens his eyes as he get consciousness. He says bell is ringing in his heart. Lakshmi says phone is ringing. The phone stops ringing. Rishi says it has stopped ringing. Karishma thinks this Lakshmi is trouble even now, and thinks what to do now. Rishi asks Lakshmi, where she is taking him, and says he don’t understand where are they? Lakshmi is silent and looks at him.

Precap: Neelam tells Karishma that so much happened in the house because of Lakshmi. Rishi tells that Lakshmi don’t want to return. Lakshmi refuses to return with Rishi and tells him that they are divorced now, and are not husband and wife, so she can’t return with him. Dadi says Lakshmi doesn’t know to do magic etc.