Bhagya Lakshmi 19th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Lakshmi and Rishi are stuck in outhouse


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The Episode starts with Rano thinking she got a chance to stay here after much time, and says there have many AC’s and the electricity bill must be big. She thinks to make an excuse and stay in Vikrant’s house after Lakshmi and his marriage. Neelam asks Dadi where is Lakshmi? Dadi says she has gone to bring some stuff from the outhouse. Neelam says today is her engagement, so she shouldn’t have went there. Dadi says I felt good seeing your concern for her. Neelam thinks Lakshmi’s destiny took her there and thinks Rishi shall not be there. She says Mummy ji didn’t know that the outhouse condition is bad. Neelam calls Rishi. Rishi tells Lakshm that Mom shall not know that he is here, and picks the call. Neelam asks if he is with Lakshmi? Rishi says Lakshmi is with you all. Neelam says no. She asks him not to do anything as Vikrant is already upset. Rishi ends the call. Lakshmi looks at him. Rishi says how we will leave from here, as the main door is closed. He tells Lakshmi that the outhouse is angry as she has got engaged to Vikrant and will marry him. Lakshmi asks him to move and says she don’t want to hear his useless talks. Rishi says outhouse is in solid anger and asks her to go. He says who am I? He says we have no relation, I love you, and I know that you don’t love me. He says you don’t trust me and asks her to trust him. Lakshmi says Vikrant is not fraud and tells that she don’t trust Rishi. Rishi says you don’t trust me and says I love you very much and can’t see you in trouble. He says you are not believing your ex husband and believing that guy, I am your good friend. Lakshmi sees something falling from roof and pushes Rishi. She sees the junction box sparking and picks the stick. Rishi thinks if she wants to beat me and says sorry lakshmi. Lakshmi tries to close the box and tells about the wires sparking. Rishi says we shall do it together.

Lakshmi looks at him. Rishi manages to keep the fuse off. The light goes. Rishi says there is much dust here. Lakshmi says you are allergic to it and coughs. Rishi says you are coughing. Lakshmi ties her pallu on her face and asks him to tie his handkerchief on his nose. He argues saying that his weight is less now. She asks him to ties handkerchief to his nose. Tu nazm nazm sa plays…..She ties handkerchief on his nose. He falls on her shoulder and then says he was joking. They search for the way out. He says we shall break the wall to go out. Lakshmi says you had said that everything will fall if we break the wall. Rishi asks her to forget that and says we shall break the wall now. He takes the rod and walks towards the wall, and the things start falling.

Ayush tells that only Rishi Bhai knows about it. Neha comes there and tells that she enjoyed dancing. They look at her. Neha says Saloni forced her to dance with them, else she wouldn’t have dance. Ayush says its ok. Ayush asks where is Lakshmi? Neha says she is not there. Shalu asks about Vikrant? Neha says he is sitting, and tells that Dadi has sent Lakshmi.

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Neelam tells Karishma that Lakshmi went to outhouse and tells that she heard Virender and Rishi talking that it needs repair. Karishma says it might not be weak to fall on Lakshmi and asks if Rishi is with her. Neelam says if anything happens to Lakshmi then Rishi will go running there. Lakshmi pulls Rishi just as something is about to fall on him. She hugs him and says he shall get her life also. Rishi says he don’t want her age/life and asks why she risks herself for him. He says you saved me again.

Ahana tells Sonia that she seems to have danced well today. She asks if she has come to know about her. Sonia says Lakshmi’s heart is black and it can never change. Ahana says even your heart can’t be changed. Sonia says she is happy as the inauspicious affect will leave. Ahana says when Lakshmi goes, then you will know if inauspicious came or went. They argue.

Rishi says phone battery is over, and the torch is off. Lakshmi asks how to leave from here. Rishi says he is multitasker and thinking how to go from here. Ahana says if Lakshmi goes from here. Sonia asks her not to make her Devi. Malishka asks them not to argue and says you like Lakshmi, but Sonia don’t like her. She asks her to accept her as she is best for Rishi and says Lakshmi will go to Vikrant’s house, and I will come here. Ahana says don’t know if Vikrant will keep her happy as he is having an affair. Sonia says it is Vikrant’s trap. Malishka asks them not to argue and asks where is Rishi? She wonders if they are together. Lakshmi thinks it is very dark here, and asks how we will go from here. Rishi asks her to hold his hand in emergency situation, and asks where is your hand? He says we have to wait for help until someone comes to save us. He says once the family members come to know then they will come to help us. He worries that much stuff has already fallen down, so now there is nothing which can fall. He asks her to reply, else he will think that it is one sided, and says it is actually one sided. He says we shall hide in such a place, where nothing can fall. He says we shall hide in almira, so that if heavy thing falls then also we will be fine. She turns and feels pain in her foot. He lifts her and starts walking. Rishi asks her to look at the roof. He says my death in your embrace, so great. Lakshmi asks him to keep her down and asks him not to say that. He says actually you are in my embrace.

Pandit ji tells Dadi that he has to go now. Dadi asks him to have food and goes and says Lakshmi might be coming. Pandit ji says he has to go to someone else’s house. Virender comes to Dadi and asks why Pandit ji left. Dadi tells that Lakshmi had gone to get copper utensils for him, but he was in urgency to go. Virender asks where did Lakshmi go? Dadi says outhouse. Virender shouts outhouse? Everyone hears them. Vikrant comes to them.

Episode ends.