Bhagya Lakshmi 14th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Vikrant proves Rishi wrong


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The Episode starts with Ayush coming to Saloni, but she hides. She thinks thank god, Ayush went from here. Rishi says your marriage will not happen with Lakshmi. Neelam asks what you are saying? Rishi says Vikrant is betraying everyone. Anjana says Vikrant is not betraying anyone. Rishi asks why Vikrant didn’t open the door, and says he took time to hide that girl. Anjana asks Vikrant to answer Rishi. Vikrant says what to tell him, he is accusing me. He says he had gone to bathroom and the door was locked. He asks him to go inside and check it out. Saloni is leaving when she sees Ayush with his head turned to other side. Ayush turns, but doesn’t see her. Saloni says she did wrong due to the fear of losing Vikrant. Anjana tells Neelam that they are insulted. Rishi checks the door and finds the knob not working. Vikrant thinks nobody can catch him. A fb is shown, Vikrant asks Saloni to search screw driver. They search for it and she finds it. Vikrant compromises with the bathroom door using screw driver. Saloni asks what is he doing? Vikrant says we will be saved with this excuse, and asks her to go out from the window. Saloni asks how I will go? Vikrant says I will help you, and this is parking area, so nobody will be there. After making Saloni leave, he locks himself in the bathroom. He thinks nobody can catch him. fb ends. Rishi comes out and tells that the lock is not working and tells Virender that Vikrant might have done something to the door, and tells that if there was anything then Servants would have told them.

Vikrant says nobody insulted him till now and asks him to stop insulting him, else he can also raise his hand on him. He says you have a big misunderstanding. Ayush comes there and tells that the girl eloped from here through this window. Rishi says everything will be proved and calls the jewellery store. He says I want to ask you something. Vikrant thinks I knew you will do this, and that’s why I set everything, you are talking to the owner and I have done setting with the employee. He asks Rishi if he is done talking. Rishi says you have handled him also. Vikrant says you are accusing me wrongly. Anjana asks Neelam what to do, I said that I will slap my son if he is proven guilty, but your son is proved wrong. Rishi tells Neelam that she can slap him if she wants and tells that he is guilty for trying to get Lakshmi marry this betrayal girl. He says I need your support to expose him and says very soon he will expose him with proofs. He says he has betrayed you all. He says I will not bear anymore.

Vikrant asks I am not taking this on my heart as I regard you as my friend. He asks Neelam and Anjana to forgive Rishi. Rishi asks him not to act infront of him. Anjana says you are crossing your limits. Rishi says I am sure that you don’t know your son and he is betraying you also. Vikrant says I will not bear my mother’s insult. Ayush asks him to go through the window from where he made his love elope. Virender shouts and asks Rishi not to say a word and asks him to end this misunderstanding, and says the matter is over now. Karishma and Kiran think to go and check. Rano comes to them and says Pandit ji is asking when they will come, and Dadi asks her to call them. Karishma says she will call them. Kiran says we will inform them. Vikrant says the matter is over, we shall leave. Virender tries to stop them and looks at Rishi. Lakshmi is teary eyes. Karishma says mahurat is going. She asks Vikrant and Anjana to come. Anjana comes to her husband and sits. Neelam comes to Karishma.

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Everyone comes downstairs. Malishka thinks I just hope that after Rishi’s drama, no drama shall happen. Dadi asks why everyone is silent, it seems something wrong has happened. She asks what has happened? Dadi asks Rishi to say, and says you had taken Virender and Neelam from here, what is the matter? Karishma asks them to tell. Vikrant says I will tell you and says Rishi have some misunderstanding and for that he has insulted me and hurt my Mom’s heart also. Dadi says Rishi can never do wrong or don’t bear anything wrong happening. Ayush says if Rishi have any misunderstanding. Dadi says no. Ayush says this Vikrant is having an affair and says he is a big fraud, that girl came and I saw her, and even Rishi Bhai saw her. Dadi gets worried. Anjana asks what happened after everyone was searching her. She asks did you find her? She says that girl was not found by anyone, as there was no girl. She says both brothers have been insulting us, and says we never got insulted so much. Vikrant says I have taken a decision and says I can’t have this alliance, compromising with my self respect and that’s why I am breaking this alliance.

Saloni leaves in her car and thinks thank God, I left from there, why I was insecure even after Vikrant’s assurance that nothing will change between us. She says our one mistake can ruin everything. Anjana feels bad that Lakshmi couldn’t become their bahu. Karishma asks Vikrant not to break the alliance. Vikrant says Rishi doesn’t believe me even now. Virender asks what is Lakshmi’s mistake in this. Ayush says his truth came out infront of us. Rishi says he is a cheater and is not suitable for Lakshmi. Virender asks Rishi to shut up and says Lakshmi will suffer and new problem came in her life because of you. Rishi says I don’t want Lakshmi to have any problem in future, so that nobody punishes her. Virender says everyone will suffer because of you and says enough I said.

Precap: Vikrant says I will forget everything for Lakshmi, but I have a condition Rishi shall apologize to me. Rishi refuses and says I don’t want to see your face in this house. Malishka shouts and says this girl is poison for this house and everyone of us. Lakshmi is teary eyes. Ayush asks Vikrant to marry his “mylove” whom he made wear mangalsutra and says tata. Rishi asks Lakshmi if she trusts him and says I am saying right and not lying.