Bhagya Lakshmi 14th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Vikrant insults Rishi infront of Lakshmi


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The Episode starts with Vikrant telling Rishi that he can’t break his marriage, as his lucky charm is with him, and tells that Lakshmi will fulfill all his wishes. He asks him to go from there, and says you will not agree to my sayings, but will agree to Lakshmi. He asks Lakshmi to ask him from there. He says this house is yours, but Lakshmi is mine, and asks him not to come there. He tells that Lakshmi’s happiness lies with me, and asks him not to become hurdle in their way. He asks him to have some shame and stay away from Lakshmi. He asks Lakshmi to stay away from him, and says what world will say. He insults Rishi so much. Lakshmi is shocked and sees Rishi teary eyes. Rishi says I am happy for both and goes. Vikrant thinks he will torture him more. Rishi comes to his room and thinks he stayed quiet because of Lakshmi. He thinks he can’t do anything, as Mom warned me. He thinks I will break his mouth if Vikrant says anything to me again. Lakshmi recalls Vikrant’s words and thinks why did he do this? She thinks Rishi didn’t say anything to him, then also he said so much to Rishi. She says I couldn’t say anything, and Vikrant was insulting Rishi, but why? She thinks he did wrong and hurt him very much. She says he didn’t just hurt Rishi, but me also. She comes to Rishi’s room and apologizes to him on Vikrant’s behalf. Rishi says you didn’t tell him anything or stopped him when he was telling me so much. Lakshmi asks what I could do?

Rishi says you would have slapped him tight, but you didn’t do. He says you should have atleast stopped him, and asks if she knows that he is hurt. Lakshmi says even I am hurt. Rishi says you are very worried for Vikrant and stayed quiet as he will feel bad. Lakshmi says I came to say sorry. Rishi says you came to say sorry on Vikrant’s behalf. He says I am just worried for you, and asks why did you stay silent. He says he is not right and trying to control you, and asks if you are a robot which he will control. He asks if you want to stay in his control and says such disgusted person is not good for you, and asks her to cancel this marriage. Lakshmi says why you ask always to cancel the marriage. Rishi says once you get married, then you can’t revolt and break the marriage. He says Vikrant’s first wife had come here and can’t say anything, as she is in his control. He asks Lakshmi to stay away from Vikrant. Lakshmi says she don’t want to argue on this. Rishi says even I don’t want to argue. He says there is just one opinion and that’s me, Vikrant is disgusted, cheap, bad person and asks her to agree to him and folds his hands. Lakshmi folds her hands and asks him to let her get married. Rishi says I love you and I am not lying. Lakshmi says that’s why you are lying. Lakshmi asks him to let her get married and go from here. Rishi says you are saying this, as you love Vikrant and he has become important for you. He asks him to say and cries. Lakshmi gets tears in her eyes too.

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He says I did so much for you and you want to go to that fraud Vikrant. He asks her to go and ruin her life. He says I am mad to think about you, I always thought that Lakshmi shall not love any wrong guy, shall not get hurt, thought about her happiness only, I didn’t think about me. He says what you are doing, you want to go to Vikrant, go… you will repent after you comes to know about Vikrant’s truth, then don’t return here, it will be too late. He asks her to go.

He asks her to go, just go. He cries badly. Lakshmi goes from there. She thinks Rishi is very hurt, I am sorry Rishi. She comes back to her room. She thinks of Rishi and then Neelam’s warning. She then thinks of Rishi’s words that she will repent after learning about Vikrant’s truth. She cries.

Saloni comes to Lakshmi and asks if she didn’t get ready till now. She asks if she is nervous that she will come to their house. She says she is excited that she will get a younger sister who is lovely and has good values. She asks if she is happy to get elder sister. Lakshmi nods her head. Saloni acts sweet and says your Vikrant is dying to see you, and tells that he said that you will look lovely in bangles brought by him. She makes her wear the bangles and says nobody’s bad sight shall fall on you. She says she has come to take her downstairs and tells that Vikrant is eager to see his name mehendi on your hands. Virender asks Vikrant if his elder’s brother haven’t come today. Vikrant says no, and tells that he is angry on him. Malishka smiles hearing his lie. He says Mom and Saloni bhabhi are upset. Neelam praises Saloni. Anjana says my both bahus are understanding and has good values. Ayush comes there. Vikrant asks him to come and says you have to come to my house to meet Lakshmi. Rano says she will go to her new sasural from here. Ayush says she will go if Bidaai happens, which will happen after marriage. Vikrant says Lakshmi will come after the marriage, and tells that this Dilwala will take Dulhaniya. Karishma says we are lucky that Lakshmi got such Dilwala who will take her soon. Anjana asks where is Lakshmi? Neelam says she has come. Saloni brings lakshmi there. Vikrant smiles. Malishka and Saloni dance on the song. Malishka looks at Rishi. She gives Vikrant’s hand in Lakshmi’s hand to show Rishi.

Precap: Malishka tells that their Jodi is best. She asks them to show that they are best. Vikrant and Lakshmi dance and he hugs her. Rishi says I love you Lakshmi, do you love me?