Bhagya Lakshmi 12th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Vikrant blackmails Lakshmi to marry him


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The Episode starts with Malishka asking Kiran if Rishi came back home. Kiran says Rishi and Virender have filed Police complaint of Lakshmi’s kidnapping. Malishka asks what? Kiran says if you didn’t know about Lakshmi’s kidnapping. Malishka thinks she didn’t think this will happen and thinks to decide after seeing the situation. She asks if Lakshmi knows that you have kidnapped her. Vikrant says she will know now, and says he has one aim which will be fulfilled today, and says marriage with Lakshmi. Malishka laughs aloud and asks if Lakshmi will marry you. Vikrant says yes, I will marry her, and will celebrate wedding night with her.

Ayush and Shalu come the place and find Lakshmi’s saree piece and her jhumka. Shalu says it is confirmed that she is here. Ayush tries to look inside, and they hide seeing the goon coming there holding a rod. He tells Shalu that they have come to the right place, as the goon is guarding the place. He peeps inside the door and finds Lakshmi tied and seated in other room. Shalu also looks at her. The goon comes there and hits rod on their heads and they faint.

Rishi gets teary eyes and says he couldn’t search Lakshmi. He says give me some sign, Lakshmi. Lakshmi thinks why did they kidnap me? She says if they wanted money then would have taken my video and sent to family for ransom. She thinks who is boss and what he needs from me. Vikrant comes there wearing Sherwani and Sehra on his face. Lakshmi looks on confused. Vikrant moves sehra from his face and reveals his face to Lakshmi. Lakshmi says you. Vikrant says the one and the only Vikrant is back, and says he has come wearing sehra and will take back his bride with him. Lakshmi says you didn’t get better even after so much insulted and beating. Vikrant says I was acting to be good, and even you haven’t changed, and now also you are lovely, and I love you. He says if Rishi had not come then we would have been married. He tells that Ayush and Shalu are tied here, and says he wanted to threaten to kill her family, but they themselves come here. Lakshmi says you are a cheap man and says wrong thing will happen with you. Vikrant says nothing wrong will happen with me, they are chicks infront of me. He says Saloni is going to come here. Lakshmi says Saloni.

Vikrant says Saloni will make you get ready for marriage, and tells her that if she doesn’t agree to marry him, then he will put kill Ayush and Shalu. Saloni comes there holding the bridal wear and jewellery. Vikrant asks Saloni to get Lakshmi ready fast, and tells her that if it gets late, then Lakshmi will suffer and even you. He goes. Saloni apologizes to Lakshmi and tells her that she has betrayed her, but she didn’t want this to happen. She says she wants Vikrant to marry someone for the baby, but she didn’t want this to happen. She says Vikrant has changed and has gone mad for her. She says he will kill Ayush, Shalu and me. She says don’t care for me, but care for Ayush and Shalu. Lakshmi asks if they are really kidnapped. Saloni shows the photo and asks her to get married and save everyone’s lives. Lakshmi says I can’t marry. Saloni says your refusal can get Ayush and Shalu killed and even your family will die. She says Vikrant just wants you and he will kill everyone if you refuse, she asks her to either save everyone or become the reason for their death.

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Rishi hits a guy crossing the road and gets down the guy to help him get up. The guy asks if the people’s life has no value who walks on the road and says you have almost killed me. Rishi apologizes to him. The guy says a storm is going to come in your life. Kiran thinks Malishka has bear so much today. Just then she gets Malishka’s message that don’t inform anyone that I am outside, and don’t call or message her. Kiran thinks if Malishka is involved in Lakshmi’s kidnapping, and thinks if Rishi comes to know about this, then he will not forgive her. She thinks she shall go from here, so that everyone thinks she went with Malishka. Mukesh comes there to give juice to Malishka. Kiran says she is in washroom and says she will call her if Malishka needs anything. She asks about Dadi. Mukesh says she is in the room. Kiran asks who is in the hall? Mukesh says nobody. Kiran thinks this is the right time to leave.

Shalu gains consciousness and calls Ayush. He also gains Ayush. Ayush says Bhahhi is also tied. They think to free each other’s rope. Rishi asks the guy not to curse him. The guy asks what I will eat now, you made my food fall down. Rishi offers him money, but the guy tells that he wants food and not money. He says lakshmi is kidnapped and I don’t want anything wrong happening with her, and asks him to take back the curse. He requests him to take it back. The guy says the passed time and the words from the mouth don’t return back. Rishi is shocked. Ayush asks Shalu to says sorry to him. Shalu asks why I am say sorry? Ayush asks if you will say I love you. Shalu asks why shall I say sorry sorry…He says you said 4 times, I will open it. He frees her hand and they try to open the door.

The guy picks the food cover and walks away from there. Rishi prays to God not to punish Lakshmi, for his mistake. Saloni tells Lakshmi, thank god you are ready, Vikrant has gone mad and he will marry you today. She says I will be right back and goes. Shalu says we shall look for the windows. Ayush looks for it and tells that there are no windows. Shalu asks if the same thieves have kidnapped Di. They hear someone coming and hide behind the door. The goon comes there. Ayush hits him. Shalu also hits him. Ayush picks the goon’s knife and keeps on the goon. Shalu calls Rishi from the goon’s phone and says we are here, and di is also here. Rishi asks if she is fine. Shalu says yes, she is fine. The phone gets switched off. Rishi calls on the number and finds the phone off.

Precap: Lakshmi thinks who will stop this marriage, how to stop this marriage. Malishka asks Vikrant to find out if Lakshmi is ready. Vikrant says Lakshmi’s weakness Ayush and Shalu are with me. He says today he will marry Lakshmi. Lakshmi sits for marriage with Vikrant and cries. Rishi is running on the road.