Bhagya Lakshmi 12th February 2024 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with the kids playing in the school. Some girls are playing with ball. The one girl throws the ball in the room of the another building and asks the girl Pinky to get it else teacher will scold me. Pinky goes there and sees fire there. She shouts Parvati. Parvati gets up from her bench and comes there. The kids shout for help from the teacher. Parvati runs from there to go there. Lakshmi is seen with the tractor, as she is a farmer now. The teacher sees Parvati climbed on to the building to save Pinky and calls Lakshmi and informs her everything. Lakshmi shouts Shalu and tells her that Parvati went to save Pinky from fire. Shalu says I will drive the tractor. She drives the driver. Lakshmi prays for the children’ safety. Parvati manages to get inside the room and calls Pinky. Pinky says I am here. Parvati asks her to come with her else the fire will increase. Pinky refuses to go with her. Parvati says then why did you call me. Pinky asks her to take her along. Parvati asks her to come behind her.

Rishi comes downstairs while talking on the phone. Dadi gives him aarti. He touches the diya flame accidentally. Parvati also get small burn. They say the same thing. Dadi asks Rishi not to tell Neelam and apologizes to him. Rishi asks the Servants not to tell Mom. Neelam hears and comes down worriedly. Lakshmi asks about Parvati. Teacher says she is inside and fire brigade is called. Lakshmi says we can’t wait till then. Pinky refuses to go fearing that they will get burn, while Parvati tries to convince her. Lakshmi shouts Parvati. Parvati shouts Maa. Neelam comes downstairs like an obsessive mother and looks at his hand. Rishi says he is fine, it was his mistake, as he was talking on mobile. He asks shall I go? Dadi says you need to take someone else’ permission too. Rishi says ofcourse.

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Lakshmi climbs on the ladder and gets inside the room. She hugs Parvati and Pinky. Parvati asks her to take Pinky first. Lakshmi says she will take both. She covers both of them under the blanket with her, and asks them not to be scared. Parvati says she will not be afraid where her mother is there. Lakshmi comes out of the room and sees the vast fire. She manages to come downstairs. Shalu hugs Parvati. Lakshmi hugs Pinky and asks if she is fine? Pinky says yes. Teacher thanks her. Lakshmi takes Paro outside.

Rishi acts seeing his son Rohan. Rohan asks him to show his hand and applies ointment to him. Rishi asks how did you know that I am hurt? Rohan says I am your son and knows. Neelam smiles. Rohan asks if you was fooling me. Neelam says yes. Rohan says I will not talk to you. Rishi says when you care for me then I feel good. He says you are the best son of the world. Rohan says you are not best dad. Rishi tries to cheer him and asks him to say that he is the best father. Rohan says no and asks him to become cock. Rishi tries to sit like a cock. He says you are like your dad. Rohan acts as he has taken the photo. Neelam asks him to upload it on social media. Rishi asks him to delete. Rohan says he has fooled him. Rishi takes him and hugs him. Karishma says it was Rishi’s good decision to bring Rohan. Neelam says best decision was to throw out Lakshmi.

Precap: Lakshmi gets appreciated for saving the girls in the school. Shalu asks Parvati, why she said baba. Parvati says she said just like it. Rishi and Rohan are in the car. Rohan asks Rishi about his mother.