Bhagya Lakshmi 10th July 2024 Written Episode Update: Lakshmi stops Paro from having poisoned laddoo

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The Episode starts with Shalu asking Paro to have chocolate and says you are strong, and asks her to try. Rishi asks Lakshmi to ask her to eat. Lakshmi asks Paro to eat atleast chocolate, and says don’t eat food, but eat chocolate, you like sweets a lot. Paro says Laddoo is my favorite. Neelam asks Karishma if we have laddoo. Karishma says no. Malishka goes from there. Anushka looks at her. Lakshmi comes inside and takes the laddoo from the inhouse temple, says I am taking prasad for my daughter, please protect her. Malishka comes out from behind, and she is holding the poison bottle in her hand. She asks God why you are looking at me, I didn’t do this, you forced me to do this, I knew that Lakshmi will come here to get laddoo and that’s why I have mixed poison on it. She says Lakshmi herself will kill her daughter from her hands, and hopes she wins this time, and says I will write my own destiny and not you. Lakshmi brings laddoos and keep them in the basket. Rishi asks from where you brought. Lakshmi says from the temple. The rescue team members send the laddoos basket inside. Malishka comes out and waits anxiously. Hanuman song plays….Paro looks at the laddoos. Paro looks at the laddoos. Suddenly there is a storm in the sky. Lakshmi gets worried. Anushka gets doubtful. Karishma asks what happened? Anushka says weather is bad. Paro is about to take the laddoo. Malishka smiles. Lakshmi looks back at the rescue team member who is holding the rope of the basket. Something strikes her mind and she runs and pulls up the rope, to take back the laddoos basket, shocking Malishka. She takes the laddoos and throws it. Neelam asks what you have done? Rishi says why? Neelam says this is prasad. Lakshmi says I know it is prasad, but my heart said that it is not good for Paro.

Malishka thinks how did she know that something is done with the laddoos. She holds Anushka’s hand and takes her from there. Neelam asks really and says Paro is hungry and she shall eat food, she herself said that she wants to have food, you have searched and brought the laddoos, but threw it. Lakshmi says even I don’t understand why I did this, and says I felt something is wrong and asks her to understand. Neelam says Lakshmi. Ayush says I will get laddoo and goes with Shalu. The team member comes there and says their men is digging the land with their hands, but the machine will be late due to the rain. Doctor says Paro shall eat food or something. Lakshmi says I will ask her to eat.

Rishi takes Neelam to understand that Lakshmi is very worried for Paro. Aanchal comes and asks if we are not worried for her. Neelam says she loves Paro more than Rishi. Lakshmi tells Paro that she will do as she says, and she shall take all her make up stuff, and she will not scold her for anything, and she can do anything whatever she wants, and asks her to get up. Neelam says if someone asks then I will say that I love Paro, more than loving you. She says go and ask your Dadi, she will say she loves you more than loving her son. She says she is not judging anyone’s love and asks him not to judge her love, and asks him to ask Lakshmi to save her daughter. She tells Aanchal that he will not tell Lakshmi, but will tell her. Rishi says sorry.

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Malishka takes Anushka inside and says you knows well that I want Paro to die and pray for it. Anushka says don’t talk this in open, anyone can listen. Malishka asks can you see anyone here, and says I am not mad. She asks did you tell anything to Lakshmi. Anushka says no. She says you can’t talk to me like this, as I am the only one who supports you and wishes Paro dies. She says the way you are asking me, it seems you have mixed something in the laddoos.

Paro asks Lakshmi if she will not scold her if she applies nail polish. Lakshmi says yes, and asks her to have nail polish for her. Paro says just for you Maa. She takes chocolate, tears the wrapper and starts eating the chocolate. Lakshmi looks on smiling and crying. Neelam, Rishi and Aanchal come there. Dadi says Lakshmi knows how to convince Paro, and can handle her daughter well, even in the bad condition. She says it is clearly evident that Lakshmi and Paro’s relation is very strong and the credit goes to Lakshmi. Rishi asks what happened? Dadi says Paro has eaten chocolate. Rishi says how this thing happened? Dadi says on Lakshmi’s sayings. Rishi gets emotional to see Paro having chocolate on the screen. Lado song plays…..

Malishka says I want to end this problem right now, and says if she dies in the pit then people will think that there must be some poisonous thing or gas there that she dies, and says if she comes out alive and unite them then I can’t separate Lakshmi and Rishi. She says I want and wish Paro to die. Anushka says you are doing wrong. Malishka says if Lakshmi and Paro come here, then even Shalu will come. Rishi goes to Lakshmi and says you are a good mother, you have fed her chocolate. Lakshmi says she will now apply nail polish while going to school. Rishi says I will ask her to apply nail polish on my hand and then go to school. The team member applauds Lakshmi for handling Paro so well. Rishi claps for her. Everyone claps for Lakshmi, even Karishma claps for her. Neelam and Aanchal look on. Rohan comes to Rishi and Lakshmi and hug them. He takes the mic and asks Paro, if he can call her mother as Lakshmi Maa, as he likes her a lot. Neelam and Lakshmi looks on.

Precap: Anushka tells Malishka that she (Lakshmi) is Bhagya Lakshmi. Malishka asks what does she have? Anushka says she has true love, Rishi’s Bhai’s love. Malishka is shocked. Later, Anushka sees Ayush saving Shalu from falling down. Malishka overhears Rishi telling Ayush that he wants a happy family. Ayush asks if you really….Rishi says you are right, I will go to Lakshmi and will ask her to return to her family. Malishka is shocked.