Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Reshma Gets Exposed


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Saxena shows up at Vibhu’s house. David and Vibhu are sitting together. Saxena also sits with them. Vibhu gets suspicious and asks Saxena who’s the one that sneaked into his house? Saxena aur someone else? Saxena replies that if Vibhu is talking to him then Saxena will listen but if some scammer will talk to him then the scenario might be something else. Vibhu gets emotional and tells Saxena that he’s being trapped. David tells Saxena that Vibhu is innocent and didn’t do anything wrong. Saxena replies that as Saxena he also believes that Vibhu is innocent, but as woman empowerment representative he wouldn’t accept that. Vibhu requests Saxena to stop being so stubborn. Saxena switches his personality and requests to leave Saxena. Saxena’s alternate personality denies and starts slapping himself. He says that Vibhu should get life imprisonment. Saxena couldn’t help it and tells Vibhu that he did everything in his power but it couldn’t help. Vibhu gets a video call from Anu. Vibhu gets stressed and picks up the call. Anu gets angry on Vibhu and asks him that what is he happening with him? Vibhu starts crying and says that he didn’t do anything. Anu warns Vibhu and tells him to stop this drama before her return or else he will shoot him. Vibhu gets freaked out and tells Anu that he trying his best to handle the situation. Anu warns him again and or else be ready with a lawyer. Vibhu gives her a goodbye and Anu hangs up the call. Saxena asks Vibhu if he should fight the divorce case for him? Vibhu stares at him.

Saxena is sitting with Tiwari and Angoori. Saxena tells them that he’s been appointed as women empowerment representative and tells greets them politely. Reshma greets him back. She requests Saxena to help her get her love back, or else she will kill herself by smashing her head on the floor. Saxena’s personality gets switched and comes back to his normal senses. Saxena shouts that only Anu deserves Vibhu. Saxena’s personality gets switched again. Saxena says that he will help her. Reshma says if they think that she’s a culprit, they can shoot her and end her once it for all. Saxena’s both the personality starts arguing. Saxena says that he will send Reshma back to her place and Vibhu will get the justice. Saxena’s personality switches again says that he will let that happen. Saxena starts hitting himself and warns his alt personality. Saxena starts starts behaving weirdly.

Vibhu is crying and David is trying to console him. Vibhu starts cussing the person who started all this drama. David asks Vibhu to find a solution instead. Reshma comes shows up and gives her phone to Vibhu and tells Vibhu to talk to his father in law. Vibhu gets frustrated. David calms him down. Vibhu asks Reshma to put the phone on speaker. A stranger talks to Vibhu impersonating as Reshma’s father. He tells Vibhu to marry Resham and name all of his property to her and then divorce her. Vibhu tells him that he’s not an idiot and he will not do that. He warns Vibhu that he will kill him. All of a sudden, Prem shows up at the Kabab shop where the person is talking as Resham’s father. Vibhu and David recognises Prem’s voice and gets confused. Vibhu tells Reshma that he wants to talk to David for a while. Reshma asks Vibhu to get 5 lacs ready and leave. Vibhu and David plans to call Happu and the boys to catch this lady.

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Reshma tells her partner that she asked for 5 lacs. Tillu is making food vlogs and capturing the market. Tillu spots Reshma and her partner in the vlog. Happu along with his team catches Reshma and her partner red handed. Reshma gets scared. Tillu is recording everyone. Tiwari, Vibhu and David also shows up and watches them. Happu orders Manohar to start hitting Munna (Reshma’s partner). Reshma tells everything to Reshma. Vibhu asks who was the guy talking to Reshma because he wasn’t there. Vibhu starts cussing him. David tells Vibhu that he was talking to Reshma. Vibhu starts yelling at David. Happu takes the culprit to police station.

Everyone is ready and has gathered to celebrate Janmashtami. Vibhu asks Teeka and Tillu bring the Dahi handi a but lower. Tiwari says that Vibhu is scared of heights and denies to lower the handi. Vibhu says that his bones are made up of steel. Everyone makes a pyramid and Vibhu and Tiwari climbs to break the Handi. Both of them reaches at the same time. Everyone starts cheering them. Vibhu breaks the Matki. Everyone runs away to have food, while Vibhu and Tiwari are stilling hanging on the matki. Vibhu falls down on the road and Tiwari starts screaming.

PreCap: Anu is singing a romantic song in front of her laptop screen. Tiwari gets sad after watching her. Vibhu asks Angoori if she likes Qawwali? Angoori says, yes.
Anu says that she will divorce Vibhu for someone in front of her laptop again. Tiwari again sees her. Vibhu us performing Qawwali? He asks money from Tiwari but he denies.