Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Vibhu Makes a Video of Tiwari

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Angoori reveals her new dress. Vibhu starts screaming. Tiwari listens to him and finds Vibhu behind the curtains. Tiwari starts scolding him, he says that he can even get punished for spying in their bedroom. Vibhu calls Angoori.

Tiwari goes to Anu’s house. David opens the door. Tiwari calls Anu’s name. David asks Tiwari, that happened? Tiwari says that he doesn’t want to talk to him and starts disrespecting him. Anu shows up and asks Tiwari, what happened? Tiwari tells David and Anu that Vibhu was taking pictures of him and Angoori, while they were doing romance. Anu asks Tiwari if it really happened? Tiwari says, yes he was capturing private moments. David says he understood everything. Vibhu comes in and takes picture of Tiwari. Vibhu and David settles down. Anu asks Vibhu that where were he? Vibhu tells her that he’s photographer, and was doing his photoshoot. Tiwari starts yelling at Vibhu. Anu also agrees with Tiwari and tells Vibhu that he cannot take pictures of someone’s private life. Vibhu says that he was invited by Angoori, and it was a deal. Tiwari gets confused. Anu tells Vibhu that he cannot blame innocent lady like Angoori. Tiwari gets angry and orders Vibhu to empty his shop. Anu also scolds Vibhu and leaves. Vibhu starts crying.

Tiwari is emptying the the studio with the help of Teeka and Tillu. Vibhu shows up and tells Tiwari that he’s doing wrong. Tiwari denies and says that he did mistake by giving him the shop. Vibhu says that he was paying the rent. Tiwari asks Tillu and Teeka to throw everything out and Vibhu too. Vibhu tells Tiwari that he will face the consequences. Tiwari ignores and orders Teeka and Tillu to give him the keys after they throw everything out of the shop and leaves. Vibhu asks Teeka and Tillu that how much did Tiwari pay him? Teeka replies, 1000 bucks. Vibhu says he will give them 5000rs. Teeka and Tillu gets excited.

Angoori brings breakfast for Ammaji. Angoori tells Ammaji that she looks really good while eating the breakfast, they should have a picture. Ammaji asks her to capture some pictures. Angoori sees Vibhu returning back to his home and asks him to capture some pictures. Vibhu goes up to her and tells her that she destroyed his shop. Angoori says that Tiwari did that, not her, he got angry because he was capturing his pictures in the bedroom. Ammaji listens to them. Vibhu tells Angoori that it was her idea, not his. Angoori tells Vibhu that he should’ve warned him. Ammaji asks Vibhu to capture her pictures. Vibhu comes inside. Angoori asks Ammaji to do some good poses.

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Teeka is dressed as a lady and Tillu are waiting for Tiwari to come outside the hotel. Tiwari and his client comes out and talks about their deal. Tillu switches the sign board of ladies and gents toilet. Tiwari goes inside the ladies washroom and Teeka also goes inside. Teeka comes outside screaming. Tiwari gets scared and comes outside. Tillu records Tiwari’s video while Teeka acts as a victim.

Tiwari goes to Anu’s house and she’s upset from him. Tiwari apologises to her and says that it was Vibhu’s fault, he shouldn’t have came inside his bedroom. Anu tells him to talk to Vibhu about that. Tiwari says that he will not say anything about whatever she doesn’t like. Tiwari gets a message on his phone. Tiwari check it and sees that it’s his video from the washroom. Tiwari gets a call from Vibhu. Vibhu change his voice talks to Tiwari. Vibhu blackmails him that he will show everyone this picture. Tiwari asks, what does he want? Vibhu tells him that he needs 50 thousand. Tiwari gets scared and agrees with Vibhu. Teeka and Tillu celebrates with Vibhu. Anu asks Tiwari that who was he talking to. Tiwari tells her that his friend needs 50 thousand urgently.

Tiwari goes back to his house. Tiwari take the keys to the locker from Angoori. Tiwari takes out money from the locker and changes his clothes. Angoori asks Tiwari that where is he taking all this money. Tiwari doesn’t tells her. Angoori again forces him to tell. Tiwari yells at her and leaves. Angoori calls Ammaji and she directs Angoori to follow Tiwari.

Teeka is dressed as a lady and waiting for Tiwari. Tiwari shows up and gives her the money. Angoori follows him and goes with him. Teeka takes the money and leaves. Angoori confronts Tiwari and asks Tiwari, what was he doing? Tiwari explains everything to Angoori. Angoori gets shocked and asks Tiwari to tells police about the situation. Tiwari says that he should take Anu with him, then police will give him a listen.

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