Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Vibhuti gets frustrated due to bad poems.


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Tiwari suggests Reshma to fight for her love, she will have to suffer lot of hurdles. Reshma narrates a poem about her situation. Angoori says even I will narrate a poem. Tiwari asks Angoori to shutup and praises Reshma. Angoori asks what will she have. Reshma names few non-veg dishes. Angoori says she doesn’t know these dishes and asks for recipe. Reshma tells her.

The Shayar starts narrating his bad poems.

Angoori tells Reshma they are pure vegetarians and don’t eat all this. Reshma requests that if they can order dishes for her, she will eat outside. Tiwari says sure and makes a restaurant call and hands it to Reshma.

Vibhu gets irritated with the poems and requests Happu to stop it and says I will tell anything you want.
Shayar starts crying and says my talent is used for wrong things.

Tiwari tells Angoori, that Reshma has ordered 5000Rs food, we have our monthly grocery of this amount and if she stays longer we will be bankrupt.
Reshma on call with her father and says I found few kind people and they are so nice, at times I feel I should have met someone else instead of Vibhuti but he has a very pretty wife and says yes I will send her your photo and says to Angoori not to worry his father can’t see. Angoori says to send someone else picture then. Tiwari says instead get him operated. Reshma says I don’t have funds for that, first I have siblings and then 7 kids of my own.
Tiwari asks how does she have 7 kids, Reshma says I had twins twice and triplet once. Reshma asks Tiwari for 10,000Rs for her fathers operation.

Vibhu keeps saying he is innocent. Happu says you accepted all charges. Vibhu says I did because of the bad poems. David walks in and says Vibhu is innocent. David goves 10Rs as bribe. Happu says how dare you, you tried to bribe me. Vibhu asks David, why is he messing with him.
David gets a call from Anu. Vibhu starts crying and says he is framed, he is innocent. Anu says I will talk to Happu Singh. Anu scolds Happu Singh and says how dare you arrest my husband. Happu says he has confessed. Anu says if I threaten you with a gun even you will accept the charges and if you don’t realise him right away, I will tell the commissioner of about all your doings and also how you take bribes.
Happu realises Vibhu. Vibhu thanks Anu and says to Happu, the truth will come out one day.

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Teeka and Tillu covering news. Teeka and Tillu ask each other to give news first. Teeka says that Reshma has 7 children – twice twins and once triplet. Prem asks Teeka is this true, who must be the father. Teeka says must be Vibhu. Vibhu says what nonsense is this and scolds everyone for unnecessarily spreading rumours and says I have never seen this woman before.

Vibhu sees Angoori in the balcony. Angoori ignores him. Vibhu greets her. Angoori asks Teeka and Tillu to tell Vibhu, she doesn’t want to talk to shameless people. Vibhu insists on talking. Angoori leaves.

David says to Vibhu, you have caught in very weird situation and did they hit you in the police station. Vibhu starts abusing the culprit and says I will kill him. David defends the culprit. Vibhu asks why do you always take his side.

Pre cap: Saxena tells Reshma that he will send her back.
Reshma’s father calls Vibhu and asks him to marry Reshma and transfer all property in her name.